Look for new Tarmac Works coming Feb 19th at SURPLUSgoodies.

Many 1/64 diecast collectors have a new tradition: Finding out when the latest from Tarmac Works goes on sale, and being ready on their phones or computers to snag the new releases the second they are out.

That is on the Tarmac Works website, but remember there is another way. Just get them from SURPLUSgoodies. The next batch will go on sale February 19th, and they will be available at the SURPLUSgoodies store.

In this case it means the highly anticipated RWB apple computer Porsche. It’s on my list, and it should be on yours. It will easily be one of the coolest models of the year.

SG will also have the latest Ignition Model 1/64, and look for those on auction.

Be ready.

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