Variation Alert: Hot Wheels Honda CRX with PR5 wheels

Here is something to definitely be on the lookout for.

Lamley Reader Nathan Forster-Green out of the UK sent over pics of this fantastic find at his local Smyth’s store:

Two new Hot Wheels 10-packs with the Datsun 240Z exclusive. Cool in and of itself, but what caught his attention was the Honda CRX down at the bottom:

Yep, wheel variation alert! A PR5 CRX instead of standard 5-spokes. He found two packs with the CRX, among several with 5-spokes. I am always fascinated by wheel variations, especially those found in 10-packs, and this is a great one.

So, let’s do some investigative work. Will we see these elsewhere? Obviously none of us have any idea, but be on the lookout. The UK gets 10-packs, unlike the US 9-packs, so maybe that is a factor. Then again, Nathan said many other 10-packs had the 5-spoke model. My guess is more will be found, but time will tell.

You better believe I will be looking.

Thanks Nathan for sharing!

UPDATE! After posting this, I learned of another PR5 CRX found in a 9-pack here in the US well over a month ago. Thanks David for letting me know!

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