Finds: A new Matchbox Jurassic World 5-pack with a brand new Unimog casting

I didn’t expect to see this on a recent visit to Target:

Yet another Jurassic World 5-pack from Matchbox, and two new castings. There is a motorcycle I am not familiar with, but I am more focused on the top model, which looked to be another Mercedes-Benz Unimog.

So of course I bought the pack, and took it home. Sure enough:

So another new Unimog. That makes two new Unimogs from Matchbox to join the casting they already had, and if you want to expand even more they join the two recently released from Hot Wheels. It’s a Unimog party at Mattel!

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  1. I’m glad they’ve finally done an open-topped cage, because the other cage trucks they’ve made so far [Mauler Hauler and the Armored Action Hauler…I’m not sure if the Off-Road Rescue Rig counts] have had roofs that were too low to put much of anything inside. Granted, this one looks too short (lengthwise) for anything to fit, so we may not be improving there.

    Still, though, I think this looks like a fun one and I will definitely be looking for it.

  2. Anybody know what the bike is? I looked it up on wiki, couldn’t find anything. (No, it’s not the Triumph from last year)

  3. Looks a bit comical, almost like the stubby Mini 4WD Unimog Tamiya used to make. While sure, it looks like a hybrid between a Choro Q and a toddler toy, I’ll likely still pick one up.

    I hate to admit it, but HW put out the better Unimog this year, between the combat ambulance version and the rally versions. Regret putting back the combat ambulance version the other day at Walmart. I think with the work I had planned (remove all the Mortal Kombat tampos, decal it with proper combat ambulance markings) it would have looked great.

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