Case Report: Hot Wheels 2019 F Case

Someone fell asleep at the packing machine. Wheel Collectors received their pallet of Hot Wheels 2019 F Case today, and every case was missing three models. I’ll just go with mistake over shenanigans but who knows. What is happening in that factory is more than unfortunate.

Nonetheless, we will focus on the models, of which there are a few that will grab your attention. Watch the video, look at the photos, follow the link.

Hot Wheels 2019 F Case at Wheel Collectors

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  1. Whaaaaaat!! Wait! Slow down! Lol
    We Brits are still stuck on Case C and even that’s a rare sight with most retailers languishing on A and B!!
    It’s bad enough we can no longer get Matchbox but to fall so far behind on basic Mainline Hot Wheels does make you wonder whether Mattel has got a grudge against the U.K. 🙁

  2. they have, NO matchbox anywhere – and even ASDA have had no new Hot Wheels since November and they were OLDddddddddddd, tesco had a few new ones, but all the best had gone by the time i got there.

    1. It’s certainly not a good start to 2019 for us U.K. collectors is it Jon! I don’t suppose you clocked which new Case of HW you saw at Tesco?

  3. Found D case yesterday at a Smyths toys near me in the UK…otherwise nothing. Matchbox situation disastrous, thank goodness for Modelmatic. F case looks good though!

    1. Thanks Conan, good to know we are finally moving forward with HW. I’m just on my way to Spain at the moment so HOPING Carrefour will have some updated stock. If not then it looks like I will be spending my Pounds at Smyths Toys.
      I have emailed Smyths regarding MATCHBOX, I think they’d make a great retailer for it.

  4. I still haven’t found E case yet and already F case? No stores are getting in the E case for some reason even though it was supposed to be released for the month of January. Not a good start for 2019 for me or for most collectors, especially for the ones in the U.K. above my comment.

  5. Wow all of those new 2019 F Case cars coming out are all awesome. 👍I will be on the hunt for all of those and I can’t wait to add all of those to my hotwheels collection. 👍That is crazy that people at the factory take the super treasure hunts and go sell them on Ebay to make money. They need stop doing this and tell them guys your fired.

  6. Haven’t even found a single 2019 model so far. None. Not even A case. One A case was available at the Comic Con and I regret not picking those models when I had the chance, but as far as retail shops go… nothing. I know that we have received E cases and a few friends have found even F case models but I haven’t ppersonally found anything anywhere in my area. It’s still stuck on last year’s P case.

    1. In my local poundland in the UK. At the moment they have Hws with ID stickers at the back. Over the top they have placed new sticker’s with Mattel Netherlands address. Its the case with the red Audi.. Sorry not sure what batch?.. Crazy crazy distribution patterns!!!. I have no idea of what is happening and how Mattel works anymore…. Even mbx UK has gone…. Till…..?!……Good luck.

      1. So sorry, my information was completely wrong!!! I thought it said IND…. Sorry they are IDN….. Just checked further. Indonesian market…. A sticker is on top with , imported into the EU by , Mattel Europa BV ………Nederland .sticker put on top of IDN sticker. How ? Why?!…..very strange. Sorry blackwind.

      2. God knows what’s happening to Mattel distribution right now as there seems to be chaos everywhere. The case with the red Audi RS6 is last year’s M case, which as we know is more than 8 months old (surprisingly enough I found that case exactly when it was supposed to be found). And guess what? Shops in my area are STILL recieving those cases. No idea what’s going on. Mattel better have some answers.

  7. I’ve been in several Walmarts looking for case E cars with no luck. What they do have is large dump bins full of cars I already have. Can I safely conclude this time next year there will be dump bins full of 300ZXs?

  8. Strange that all the comments have more to do with complaints about poor distribution than missing cars. As someone who recently spent a night opening more than 30 B-cases and found NOT A SINGLE SUPER, I’m more irate (irate!) about the missing cars. Mattel really needs to get a handle on these “shenanigans”!!

  9. Nothing really blowing my socks off here, but with the last case being absolutely loaded, I could use a brief break. Still, beyond the second chance at some nice models from last wave, I am liking the Countach police car, Mazda REPU, R32 Skyline, Kool Kombi, Focus RS, the Viper GTS-R and maybe the VW Squareback and recolored MOMO GTI.

    I hated the Matchbox camo series, so I had to think twice about picking up the HW Land Rover Double Cab in gray camo a few waves back. I have no such problem with this brown camo version. An easy no. The Unimog is cool, but I’d really prefer a military or civilian version to this Baja racer. I guess MBX has us covered there.

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