Sneak: Here is the 2019 Hot Wheels Honda Civic Type R FK8

Catching up on all the sneaks the HW Design Team has been rolling out.

Honestly, when I scrolled into this post the other day, I did not think I was looking at a Hot Wheels. Partly great photography, but mostly a great model. We have seen a lot of the FK8 Type R in 1/64, and for good reason. It feels fresh, and a return to glory for Honda. It should be a Hot Wheels car, and Ryu and the gang nailed it.

What do you think?

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  1. Nailed it is right! Now this is something I can get excited about! Looks great. Like Jeff, I can’t wait for this one to hit stores. This will go a long way in helping me forget that sorry attempt by MBX at the ’17 Civic hatch.

  2. Wow that new 2018 Honda civic type R FKB is awesome. 👍I will be on the hunt for this one and I can’t wait to add this one to my hotwheels collection. 👍

  3. That’s badass! It blows the Matchbox version out of the water completely! They nailed those headlights and front fascia which was the main issue with the Matchbox. Can’t wait to get this one for sure! I also hope they release one in white as shown at the Convention.

  4. i think people are confused with the matchbox version. they did a 2017 honda civic hatchback not a type r. if you search for images of a 2017 honda civic hatchback you would see it looks exactly like the matchbox version. am i right?

    1. You are right that the Matchbox version is the basic Civic Hatchback and not the “pumped up” Type-R. However, the point I, and believe others are trying to make is Matchbox did a poor rendition of the basic stock car. This Hot Wheels version may be the racier top-spec, which is cool in its own right, but what makes it great is that HW nailed the execution much more closely than MBX. The biggest improvement is with the headlight/grill tampo, as well as the B pillar and rear quarter window being blacked out rather than body colored.

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