Sneak: Here is the 2019 Hot Wheels Chevy Nova Wagon Gasser

The Hot Wheels Gasser family adds at least two new members this year. One in the RLC and one in basic. Hot Wheels unveiled the completed Nova Wagon this last week:

There is no doubt this one will mega-popular, and who wants to guess how long before we see this one as a Super TH? I know nothing, but my bet is 2020.

3 Replies to “Sneak: Here is the 2019 Hot Wheels Chevy Nova Wagon Gasser”

  1. So you know how there are all of those people out there that hate the JDM cars, want less of them in the mix (though they’re already less than a third) and would never consider buying them?

    Yeah, well, I feel that way about the Gassers. Zero appeal to me. You guys can have them. To each his own, I guess

    1. I don’t do much dragsters in general, but damn if that isn’t an appealing livery though. Even the “American Psychlone” Mercury Comet and Super Nova rfom the Drag Strip Demons line really grabbed my attention, to say nothing of Snake and Mongoose in the Hauler line.

  2. Wow that new 1964 Chevy Nova Gasser station wagon coming out is awesome. 👍I will definitely be on the hunt for this one and I can’t wait to add this one to my hotwheels collection. 👍

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