Breaking out an older TLV tomicarama

New year, new setup. Well sort of.

I looked at my video background, and I have no complaints. The Tomicarama car lot has been a trooper, serving as the background for my videos for awhile. And it will remain.

But what about the foreground? I have used a lot of materials, but I wanted to make it just a little better. And that is when it occurred to me that I should just use what I already have. I have a few other Tomicaramas from Japan Booster that I haven’t opened, and one that would work perfectly. So I used the holiday to break it out:

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  1. I wish there was someone doing an American (or even European) version of these diorama-type pieces, for those of us who don’t necessarily collect as much JDM. These are fantastic, but the Japanese language graphics would be a little jarring next to anything but JDM product.

    1. Maybe the American or European producers never think it is worth enough to make dioramas, or sell well to justify it. At least, not the realistic ones… shame.

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