The Final Two: 2018 Lamley Awards Hot Wheels & 1/64 Diecast Models of the Year

That was fun, but it is time to but the 2018 Lamley Awards to bed.

With the blog, IG, and YouTube audience growing, there were BY FAR more votes cast in 2018 than any other Lamley Awards year, and that made this one interesting to watch. I’ve already unveiled most of the awards, but here are the final two.

After doing these, I am going to create some NON-Mattel categories next year. It takes some thinking, because outside of TLV I am not as thorough in covering everything. But we will figure it out. It is obvious I need to considering two Asian brands took the Model of the Year top spots.

Thanks everyone for voting, and let’s do it again in a year.

The full results:

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    Honestly, if it wasn’t for the quality control and a definitive TLVN model, the 787B would have been in the running for Model of The Year instead of the RS6 Super. Pandem winning will definitely raise opinions, but having seen it myself (while another customer is fondling it), it really is an exquisite model.

    At this point, if you really want to feature some more brands and give them justice, you really need a buddy-write. Live and Let Diecast has TW, MiniGT, and Majorette collectors on their site, and they’re pretty good writers and photo essayists to boot. Either you partner with them or have them run weekly contributor columns (Majorette Monday, Tarmac Tuesday, Tomica Thursday…)

    Which, BTW, I really miss the one Tomica Basic/Premium guy you once had (and in general you missed out on Tomica Basic–for making such a big deal about Tomica getting the Ferrari license you sure snubbed it the rest of the year, even if the LaFerrari they made can stand up to the best premium Hot Wheels can offer. Tomica Premium also had multiple winners and where was it here?)

    Still, really great picks all around. I still maintain that there are castings that more people should have cared about more, but I suppose it makes for good “underrated” fodder. The winners deserve it. I just wish we had a “Best Recolor/Re-dress” category and price point category. One basic (HW, MBX, Tomica), one premium (GL, TW, JL), one super-premium (Ignition, Kyosho, MiniGT).

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