The December Release from Tarmac Works is now available at SURPLUSgoodies

I took the family on a road trip yesterday. We drove four hours to a coffee house that serves really good pizza, and then drove back. Crazy, right? It was a blast.

The only bummer about it was I wasn’t able to get the word out right away when SURPLUSgoodies listed the newest Tarmac Works. Obviously plenty of you knew, because the new RWB Porsche sold out almost instantly.

So maybe I didn’t need to get the word out, but I will when the next TW RWB Porsche arrives. Because it is fantastic.

But there are some other Tarmac Works gems that are out, and you need to snag them at SURPLUSgoodies while you can:

Tarmac Works at SURPLUSgoodies

My guess is the Spoon Civic will be a must for many of you, as will the latest AAPE Audi R8 LMS. One way or the other, grab them now.

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