Case Report: Matchbox 2019 C Case

It says K, which is some new internal coding, so maybe I will call this Mix 3? Whatever you call it, the third case from Matchbox is here.

Wheel Collectors got their shipment today, and as always shared the contents with us. You can find the models at their store:

Matchbox 2019 C Case at Wheel Collectors

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  1. Brilliant move putting only ONE of each of the most popular models in this case!!! Really, Mattel? Jesus, what are they thinking?

  2. Definitely some good ones in this case. Cherokee, Chevy Blazer, 47 pickup, Rat rod, fire engine and that Porsche. Too bad the Porsche and Cherokee only have 1 per case. :/

  3. Looks like a great set. I still need to find Case B.

    That ’35 Ford Pickup looks a lot like Factory Five Racing’s ’35 Hot Rod Pickup. I hope it’s just a coincidence. Remember the mess Hot wheels made a few years ago when they used Icon’s FJ40 image for a Toyota Land Cruiser FJ and then refused to acknowledge Icon for the use? (And let’s not forget Hot Wheels’ screwup over the Senator Sedan that caused Holden to cancel its license agreement with both HW and Matchbox? It was until 2010 when Matchbox was able to get things right with Holden, which led to the Holden Ute in the MBX lineup. They still haven’t settled with HW.)

    Mattel corporate can screw up things when you least expect it.

    1. I hadn’t heard of the Icon FJ40 mess. Upon looking into it more…wow, that is messed up.

      I hope we’re okay on the ’35 Ford. I do see differences between this and the Factory Five pickup, so I don’t think this one is an infringement…but I’m certainly not an expert.

  4. Its about time the American market should have 72 count boxes like the Row?… As we have had short card 72 count boxes as always. As Ben writes above .. one of every popular. It must be frustrating. However our 72 is per 250.000!. Good case tho. Joyful xmas all.

    1. Trent they have in the uk. Mattel’s xeno world distribution plans… Minoritised the mbx brand to 1 food shop….. They have poor distribution theirselves….. 65th a joke….. Undercut always by HWs..HWs.. HWs..we pay 3 times more than you…..cheaponed the product in many ways…..played god to a brand and pissed it up more times than I can remember….many people seem to have turned their back on the brand…….maybe this is what wanted…….and a partridge in a pear tree…….on mbx world what’s with the mini in NY chequer cab?!?! Wtf…😵?!?!?!

  5. That ’35 Ford Pickup would be absolutely PERFECT had they just put matching wheels all round. For some reason Hot Wheels & Matchbox always decide consciously to design their cars just short of perfection. Why not just put the same wheels on the back, like you have on the front? Like on the damn card art? Not difficult.

  6. Lamley, please talk about Matchbox working rigs. There is no legitimate reason to completely ignore them on this blog. You have an inside track with Matchbox. I don’t think it would be that hard to post a quick case report like this for the working rigs sets.

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