Searching for gems in the Hot Wheels 9-packs

You hit the pegs.  Are they full?  Cards crisp?  Yes?  Then look to see what treasure might be there.  Cards soft?  All kinds of mixes represented?  Spidey cars mixed in?  Move on.

Check the premium pegs.  Check the Matchbox pegs.  Auto World if they are there.  Hidden dump bin?  Shipper?  Clear?  Ok, finish with the 9-packs.

Never leave without looking at the 9-packs.  There is always a chance of finding something cool, whether it be a new exclusive, a yet to be released basic, an error, or even a cool variation.

And now that new packs are hitting for the holiday, you really should check.  I’ve done well so far:

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  1. What a great find John! That Fairlady is quite the gem! I’ve seen it in a 9-pack with the side deco, as well as the copper NSX and Borla Camaro. They are all interesting and I may bite if they don’t see release in basic on a single card. I have not however seen the yellow Gallardo.

    I don’t buy 9-packs too often, but I did just happen upon some new ones the other day with nice mixes. I ended up picking up one with the exclusive blue Mustang, the red Ford GT LM (a favorite of mine), a red Corvette Z06 convertible, the Kmart exclusive lime green Lamborghini Reventon roadster, a gray Nissan 370Z, a white/black/red R30 Skyline, a black with blue & gold flames Hudson Hornet and the higlights for me, a red with black hood/roof stripes ’07 Porsche 911GT2 (recolor of the ’17 orange/blue multi-pack exclusive) and a satin black/red Porsche 918 Spyder Weissach Package. Man, I sure hope they recolor this one in white with red streaks!

  2. Man, that Gallardo has never looked better than it did in its matte black debut…that is such a sharp car.

    Hot Wheels seems to have really upped its game with 9-packs. It seems to me that it wasn’t so long ago that half the cars in any given pack were generics, but lately I’ve been seeing a lot that are chock-full of licensed castings in attractive decos. I grabbed one a week or two ago with some great stuff in it (including the superb 918 Weissach Package mentioned above, which is proving to be one of my favorite Hot Wheels, full stop), but I’d love to snag another one with the aforementioned Ford GT LM and the Gallardo in it.

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