Matchbox 2019 Mix B is slowly trickling out.

The Matchbox Team gave us a nice glimpse into 2019 Mix B a couple of days ago:

The Porsche is the big one here, but there are others.  Not only in that pic, but among the Power Grabs being found in Australia.  Lamley Readers @rgor9608 and @funkystyle888 shared these pics:


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      1. no one ever helps, many have asked over time, and all requests for help have been met with silence, yet when we get them in the UK, they want us to help them – its called GIVE AND TAKE

  1. Now this is what the line should be. Nothing over the top, all vehicles you’d expect to see on the streets and with believable, clean liveries. I’m debating getting the ambulance, however. Will probably just end up getting the Real Working Rigs version. Realistic livery, but plastic body and no interior (plus black glass).

    We’re at 2019 Batch A at the local Walmart, good (usually, it’s Easter when we get the first 2019 case), but we’ll probably be stuck with that case until Easter.

  2. I just picked up some MBX models not sure what batch they but they have the Dodge Construction Ram in it. really great cast but distribution still a mess. I haven’t seen the boxes anywhere in 50mi North, South, East or West of Philadelphia. Haven’t for months.

    1. Looks like it’s official now. No more chrome for Matchbox. To maintain consistency even the 47 Chevy and Jeep Wagoneer are now sporting the “beautiful” grey plastic grill. Never going to pick these as they look so inferior next to my existing Matchbox collection. Sad such nice models are being ruined.

      1. It is sad that such a small thing can change a model so drastically. I will have to drill apart one of the first edition Wagoneers and Chevy trucks and make these proper.

  3. With all due respect, there is two types of complaints. One half plastics and vum. The other is simply fairness and all world coverage. Mine is simply don’t start UK on D case and supply ASDA . The same as this year. The main local supplier who can give 4 of 12 cases to date. As above I do like the line up. I would have liked it if mbx could have put a tri axle on that MAN tipper…Also with other lines mbx have, please send them to UK. HWs 2019 stuff is here big time. Even down to Aldi . Why is it such a hardship when it comes to mbx?? Its worse and worse as years go by….. The 65th for UK… Well…!!!…

  4. Sorry just to add Home bargains UK has various JW vehicles at 99p. On orange cards of which I believe are Russian. Dated L39……probably the newest date in the UK ,and they are not even meant for us!.

      1. Sorry… I should just write it ! Jurassic world..! They had the triumph scrambler, 93 ford Explorer, Textron tiger, jeep wrangler with like battle damage on. Merc Benz ml320, but if more they were sold..if you like different packagings these were orange of which I’ve never seen before… Russian writing and Mockba…Moscow as main address. Also majorette 5 packs £3.99.

    1. Thanks AMC I should have guessed you meant Jurassic World! lol
      I’ve not found any yet nor the Majorette five vehicle sets. Is the Majorette old stock or 2018 batch btw as £3.99 is quite a bargain. That would get you just TWO Matchbox singles at ASDA!
      Speaking of which I have found MBX Case L and now M at ASDA in the last week so hopefully things are picking up now 🙂

      1. Case L and M! Nice one but sadly not for my eyes..being stalled at G case for 4 months then back D has kind of lost any order at my local! I’m pleased they are about. You live in a good area! The 5 pack I saw was the Mercedes 5 pack with a German police car .2018?! Unless varies at other branches….Also premium’s 99p v good !!! I’m kind of cutting down at moment as its coming up to Christmas!!!

      2. Thanks for heads up Craig! H,K and L at the same time! Ahhh…..spending £££££££££££££££££££££!!! I wish it was $$$$!!! Stuck at D for some time has done no favours…. Its weird how poundland can stock when they do , they still make a profit! ASDA well this exclusive thing …they take advantage price wise and still balls up stocking the mbx brand…..

      3. Nice one AMC, I’m glad you’ve finally managed to get some new Matchbox. Were they all in the one ASDA?
        The price they charge is making it harder to stomach especially when Hot Wheels is noticeably cheaper. We pay a LOT more then one Dollar for our Matchbox yet we are getting the same cheapened product. What exactly are we paying for?

      4. All at the same branch! All or nothing!… The thing is I’m getting what I want as collector… 1 box of each for a population of around 250000 ! .. 1 stockist…..! How is mbx supposed to branch out to others…like children. This exclusive must end now . Asda doesn’t do any favours for this brand!. Open it up!! Just to think its easier getting lesney…HWs everywhere and always undercutting….. Same Mattel! Hope you got what you wanted at home bargains Craig. Anymore i see i will put message out ,….Also as Keith G writes , if can ,….I would help anybody …..but how ??….

  5. Love the line-up that Porsche is awesome. I also love the title that “mix b slowly trickling out” Ha! the 2018 g case has just trickled out in Denver CO I just picked it up in dollar tree. I bet the distribution here anyways is to blame for 2 things.
    1. the closing of toys r us. everything that TRU was holding on ended up in the wal-marts. Every wal mart is inundated with the world series line from 2 years ago. I was going bonkers making sure I got all the models now they are everywhere. Warming the pegs.
    2. All the leftover stuff the Jeep series again from 2 years ago or so is just sitting on the pegs and since they got stock there is no chance of a reorder. So the cases here are never showing up bc WM is showing plenty of stock on the shelves. I know they are not showing sales. What needs to happen is MBX needs to either recall those lines freeing up space in inventory or they need to cut their losses both Mattel and WM and just either discount the hell out of them or just give them to toys for tots or whatever. Yeah right!
    And Target don’t make me laugh that’s the biggest crock of crap I’ve seen in my 20+ years of working retail. But I guess it’s hard to hear the pleadings the criticisms etc. when they got their heads so far up their asses. For now I’ll just be making the rounds in Dollar Trees see if i can finish the 2018 line.

  6. It’s really sad to see Matchbox officially ditching chrome in favor of grey plastic. I mean is chrome really that much expensive to mass produce now? They’ve been using it for years so why not just continue to use it? Hot Wheels continues to use it so what’s the deal? Every car worthy of chrome is immediately ruined with grey plastic just like the last few new classic models of 2018 (Jaguar XK140, Austin Healey, Ford Ranchero) Same goes for the ’47 Chevy and Jeep Wagoneer. So not only are new cars extremely hard to find, once you do find them, they’ve been crapped down by cost-cutting! And don’t even get me started on those bulls*** safety poles in the backs of a lot of cars that completely ruin the look of it!

    1. Couldn’t have said it better. The cost cutting can only go so far before it really starts to hurt the appearance of the models, and with the death of the chrome and the advent of the “safety poles” (I like the term you used; they totally look like poles inside a city bus) come some really disappointing releases.

      Pretty much all of the most recent mainline models have been without chrome, but this Wagoneer is a huge letdown for me, simply because I was so happy they were doing a Wagoneer casting last year and knew I would want to collect every edition. This no-chrome black one is going to look massively sub-par next to the red release though. Whether or not I actually acquire one will be a tough decision.

  7. Well it goes without saying that the Porsche is the star of this batch, but the other stuff is cool too…I’m so happy to see the VW Caddy back (an underrated casting in my opinion) and the RCMP livery on the Charger is a neat curve-ball.

  8. I’d like to help anyone out who lives in the UK, but even though we all regularly comment we have no way of contacting each other to sort this out. I would love the Porsche and the VW Caddy, but whether we will see them over here is another matter. More chance of getting them if we write Dear Santa……. rather than Dear Mattel…. !

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