What was the BEST & MOST DISAPPOINTING Matchbox Licensed New Model in 2018?

(UPDATE! I strangely forgot to add the BMW i8 in the video.  It is in the poll, but not the video.)

The Lamley Awards Polls continue, this time jumping over to the orange brand.

Matchbox had a TON of licensed this year, with quite a few in the basic range, along with an entire Jurassic World line, a new 5-pack model, and one from the Chevy Trucks line.  Nonetheless, lots of new stuff.

So I went through them all, and created the video below.  Watch it, and vote on below on the model you think was the BEST, as well as the model that just didn’t cut it.  Enjoy:

Here is the BMW i8 I forgot to include in the video:


24 Replies to “What was the BEST & MOST DISAPPOINTING Matchbox Licensed New Model in 2018?”

  1. I messed up the vote and put Wagoneer as best. It was my most disappointing. Too Small. Sits too high. Ruins it for me.

    1. Yes, that was a running problem in 2018 as Mattel is caught between the general consumer and its biggest retail outlet Walmart demanding a $1 car, and squuezing every last cent out of materials (and elsewhere). As I think acout it, the Wagoneer was my biggest disappointment, though closely followed by the Escalade, the Colorado, and just about every other vehicle I hoped would be closer to 1/64. Maybe I am spoiled by the proliferation of 1/64 adult collectibles?

      I was struggling between the Ranchero and the Austin-Healey, both of which I had been hoping to see introduced for DECADES. The last minute surprise pinch hitters seemed to have capped off the year nicely.

  2. Why are people not voting for the BMW i8? Its beautifully done and the fact that Matchbox made a sports car amidst all the boring SUVs and off-roaders should be celebrated, not ignored.

    P.S. is there any way to get the MBX Flatbed King in the poll? That’s a model that deserves to be mentioned here.

  3. I love the wagons and SUVs but I hate the post in the back. Everything else looks realistic so why do that? Surround the post with luggage or tint the windows. Not blue like the CX5 but black like the escalade. Or better yet, lose it. For this reason I voted for the ford ranchero instead as my fav.

  4. Just like a lot of voters, the Honda Civic Hatchback was the most disappointing. The proportions are terrible on it. It’s too squashed, the front and rear are too upright, and the front tampos are awful. Also, the wheels didn’t work on this casting. Maybe some black or grey 10SP’s would’ve worked better. For best new model, I would go with the Austin Healey. I love the execution of this car except for the blue tint windows and grey base. The casting itself is spot-on, as well as its other classic accomplices like the Jaguar XK140 and Ford Ranchero.

  5. Looks like I’m in the minority for my choice as best model…I chose the Mazda CX-5, as I think it most closely captures the overall look of the real thing. It narrowly beat out the BMW i8, which is a superb casting as well. I really really wanted to like the Jag XK and Austin-Healey more, but the window tint, gray bases, and poor wheel choice effectively ruined those two for me. Most disappointing for me (and there were several contenders) is the Chevy Colorado. That thing is an absolute blob with little to no resemblance to the real thing.

  6. Any motorcycle without a rider immediately goes to the top of my “worst” list. Best? I gave it to the NASA Chariot, but only for subject matter.

  7. A lot of these models have not reached my local stores. I did like the ’47 Chevy pickup. But the Honda Civic was a disaster.

  8. The most disappointing model for me was – and I’m surprised not too many others voted for it – the Fleetwood Southwind RV. Maybe it got less attention being in Jurassic World and not the mainline.

    There’s a multitude of problems with this casting, which ultimately turned a cool vehicle into a large letdown. The first of these problems is that the wheels are way too large – that or the body is much too small. In comparison with other models in the Matchbox lineup, this model should’ve been huge. I realize that it can’t be for cost and packaging reasons, but I think it could’ve been a bit larger than it was. If they aren’t going to make these big truck and bus castings larger though, I think they need to develop smaller wheels for them so that they can at least be to scale with themselves. There are other models sporting wheels much too big for the scale of the vehicle, but this one really demonstrates the issue.

    The other issue I took with the model is the fact that the body is mostly plastic. This is yet another prime example of Matchbox cost-cutting age.

  9. There were many great new models this year, however the lack of chrome bases on alot of the models from the later half of the year nearly ruins them. I voted best for the 1955 GMC Scenicruiser (yes it’s one word not two) but can you imagine how it would look with the whole bottom half chrome?

  10. Ford Fairlane wagon was my favourite of the ones I’ve found so far, closely followed by the ’93 Jeep Wrangler, and the Jeep Wagoneer…struggling to pick a most disappointing, generally really impressed with the new releases this year…thought Jurassic World series really well done…shame about the general distribution here in the UK though…

  11. Unimog for me !
    And no disappointment, because I was not waiting for anything.
    I like the Honda. With a little touch of paint on the front and with black wheels, it looks cool.

  12. I can not vote yet! I have yet to be able to find all of them and I don’t judge anything without it being in hand. I mean how can you place a vote on a pic. Not fair to run this voting process at this point.

  13. I’m currently finding 2019 models and still haven’t found all the 18s. This distribution problem needs to be fixed yesterday! They are putting out great stuff but now there is another roadblock! It’s getting pretty dam frustrating. My guess is the remaining 18s I’m hunting for are a lost cause at this point. Go back to 72ct boxes and put what consumers are looking for in them! This is getting really old!

  14. Thanks Mattel for taking away the pleasure of chrome features on the latest offerings! Cheating the children as usual. DULL plastic looking artificial bumpers really detract, but what if.. what if the Austin Healey was equipped w/a chrome base instead of the mundane offering .. just IMAGINE??!!

    I saw comments on here talking about the disgraceful, cheap treatments afflicting some of these models.. disappointing, drab, ruined.. these are other comments describing the some of these models which is saddening. Now don’t get me wrong, the Cadillac Escalade & Jeep Wagoneer look awesome, but the Austin Healey & Jaguar XK140 Roadster for example, LACK chrome! Come on man, those cars from the 60’s, or 50’s, bleed chrome. It’s really sad cutting costs dictate the outcome of how these vehicles are produced. Whether it’s for me or my kid.. i’d pay a couple pennies more to ensure a quality piece.

    1. UPDATE: Stopped in quickly at a local Walmart.. nice new stock of MBX’s and what do I see?.. the red Austin-Healey!

      I’ll tell you honestly, the car looks great w/that nice rich red paint job and the neat blue windshield (yes, I really like the blue tint.. reminds me how the glass used to be in older cars), BUT.. DAMN!!… those UGLY, HIDEOUS gray plasticky bumpers.. IT’S RUINED! Sad to say, I had to hang it up and walk away.
      If I decide to purchase it down the road, I had an idea to drill it apart, take some Rust-oleum metallic & spray the base, reassemble. Imagine what the finished product would look like next to the factory version with the dull, flat, lifeless base & bumpers…

      I hate to speak of doom & gloom, but we live in a sad time in some respects concernings cuts to merchandise we buy. If it’s not shrinking, we’re also paying the same if not more for that inferior product. The same applies here with the ‘newly revised’ models coming from MBX. Some speak of cost cuts to meet demand with big box enterprise, or some might argue slashing material investment will benefit the top brass for the bottom line which equates to bigger profits for their purses. Some talk of children these days taking little interest in little diecast cars creating slow sales. I feel lucky to have enjoyed playing with full metal cars with either functioning doors, clickety click mechanisms to operate gimmicky features and it was still at an affordable price point.

  15. Amen. If it’s gonna start being no chrome on vehicles that deserve it I’ll just wait for a premium release or nothing. The new package art looks great but I throw it out anyway.

  16. Wagoneer was the most disappointing. Way too small so the wheels looked weird and the tow hook is ridiculous. CX-5 was the best. Absolutely nailed that casting. This was the first year matchbox stumbled a lot. Used to perfect execution, but lots of stuff just “off” this year.

  17. For me, the best new Matchbox model was a virtual tie beteween the i8 and the Austin Healey and Jag roadsters. Although I am all about modern sports cars, I ended up going with the Austin, because I still appreciate the classics and this is a great representation that’s been well executed. The only tiny gripe I have is with the thick blue windscreen and the gray plastic bumpers that deserve to be chrome. Similar gripe with the bumpers on the Jag, only there it is even more glaring. The BMW i8 has been beautifully rendered, but I felt the Austin Healey was something a bit different. Honorable mention goes to the N.A.S.A Chariot.

    My most disappointing was much easier. It’s the Honda Civic hatchback. Not my least favorite model, but the one I was most excited for and ultimately felt let down. The tampos are subpar, especially at the front, and leave this looking like another car altogether. Perhaps side tampos (I know it will never happen) would help mask this, but the casting looks too soft and frumpy, not at all like the crisp and aggressive look of the real car. The area around the C-pillar and where the front fender meets the front bumper are the most egregious. Finally, I know we’re not voting on color, but I was also let down by the pale blue color of this model. I absolutely love the real car in Sonic Gray and black trim! That is why this failed attempt to mimic it is such a disappointment.

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