Another Hot Wheels Tesla is coming.

S, X, now 3.  The full Tesla Trio is now miniature, and that doesn’t even count the Roadster.

But Hot Wheels is all in on Tesla, and now the Model 3 is coming, as previewed by the Design Team:

It seems this one is a tad more stock than the other two, but we will know when it is in hand.  I am happy to see it in white as well, which means I will have a stock white version of all three of the current production cars.  I won’t need anymore.  Nerdy, right?

4 Replies to “Another Hot Wheels Tesla is coming.”

  1. This looks pretty good from this somewhat limited angle. It pulls off a realistic look far better than the S, and will probably look better sitting next to the Model S from the orange brand. These wheels are okay, but I do wish the “spokes” would somehow be closer to connecting to the hubs for a more realistic turbine-style wheel design.

  2. This looks like something Matchbox would (or should) do. The proportions are much better than the Model S or X. Those wheels suit the car pretty well.

  3. I might buy this thing (For my future kids) i think more electric cars is needed because of darn global warming.

    china needs to stop producing things.

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