Ever seen the complete set of Hot Wheels Ferrari Racers?

Ok this is cool.

My friend Ben Kiehn emailed me earlier today to see if I would get the word out on his ebay listings.  I get these requests a lot, but if I think it is something that the Lamley Readers would be interested in, I am happy to share.

I think this will interest you.  Maybe because a few of you would be interested in buying this, but mainly because seeing a complete set of Hot Wheels Ferrari Racers all together is a rare occurrence.  But here you go:

Full set of Hot Wheels Ferrari Racers on ebay

Ben is making his set available to whoever wants it, and it is pretty phenomenal.  Obviously Hot Wheels Ferraris have become sought-after in general, after Mattel lost the license, but I don’t think there is any more unique HW Ferrari line than the Racers.  These pre-date Speed Machines, and were frankly a little ahead of their time.  Some were released here in the US, others in Europe, and while some were hard-to-find, others were epic pegwarmers.

I did a video on those in my collection – not even close to a complete set – awhile ago.  You can watch and see some cool cars, as well as note that I have improved a bit in my presentations:

Those are the models I have, but here are pics of the entire set, courtesy of Ben’s listing.  Bid if you want, or enjoy the pics:

Full set of Hot Wheels Ferrari Racers on ebay

If you are curious, Ben has some other cool stuff available as well:

Ben’s ebay listings

Thanks Ben for sharing.

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  1. Very cool indeed…and well outside my budget. I was only just starting to really collect in earnest around the end of this line, so I mostly missed out on these back when they were on the pegs, but I do have a couple. A dream collection this would be, for sure.

  2. I’ll be selling my Ferrari racers collection 60th anniversary edition. All sealed and in good to excellent condition at Ebay. What could be your advice as a price for collectors over these items?

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