I found one of those “A bit of everything” shippers at a Kroger store. And yeah, Kmart exclusives (!?!)

I have heard the rumors, and seen the images.  (I have even heard of some shady shenanigans in Southern California by some trying to get to them.)  Special shippers are hitting Kroger stores all over the country, and they have variety to say the least.

I found a fresh one today in my travels.  Four-sided, with an ad at the top for the new Collector Contest that I mentioned a couple of days ago.


And yeah, it was loaded.  Basics, 50th Faves (no black Gasser though), and a small batch of Car Culture Cars & Donuts.  There were all kinds of basics, from recently released to over a year old.  And the surprise?

Kmart cars.  And not any Kmart cars, two of the most sought after of the last few years:

I have no idea how, but they were there, and I bought them.  Happily.  The red RX-7 was one of my favorite models last year, and it being a Kmart exclusive made it very hard to get.  I am happy to get a couple more.  And same goes for the Civic.  That color, plus the steelies?  A total winner.  And I found four.


No Supers, but that is fine.  I am in a Super slump, with no 2018 Supers found, but you know I am the last person to complain about that.  These were cool finds.


6 Replies to “I found one of those “A bit of everything” shippers at a Kroger store. And yeah, Kmart exclusives (!?!)”

  1. Wow, score! I love the R30 (esp the grey one), but I’m tired of seeing all of these Skylines for so long, almost everywhere I go, I already have several. The red RX7s, both kinds, great! The TEAL Civic is awesome, I saw a real one on the road the other day. I just found my first super ever, the white Greddy Civic, I was shocked, what a feeling! Still hoping against hope I can find the black Gasser, though..

  2. nice find! I did a custom kmart blue ef civic with the 50th blue wagon real riders and the white mainline red interior and it looks dope. blue + red + real riders = extra rice

  3. You got lucky. I hit up 4 different stores in north Texas tonight, and the shippers in all 4 had 50th Faves Wave 1. More Econolines & Javelins!

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