Greenlight nailed Bigfoot and the Datsun 510.

Do I collect Greenlight?  I get that question a lot.  I guess my honest answer would be “Do you really care if I collect Greenlight or not?”

But I get it.  A few people read this blog and watch my channel, and a lot of you feel Greenlight needs a little more love.  And I agree.  Ultimately I drew the line somewhere, and there are brands that I pursue more sporadically than others.  They fill in gaps.

I have had issues with the quality of Greenlight in the past, and that probably turned me off for awhile, and most likely made me a little more selective.  But that is nice, because it means I really know when I want something.  Collecting has a lot of traps, and getting caught up in the heat of the moment and acquiring more than you need is a big one.

So we have determined I am more selective with Greenlight than I am with other brands, so where does it fit in the collection now?  In the video below I show all I have.  A Chevy C10 Camper, a Ford GT, four Airstream Bambis, and now three more castings, the Datsun 510, 240Z Rally, and Bigfoot.

(Find Bigfoot & Greenlight at SURPLUSgoodies)


All of these are tremendous.  I had to add them to the collection.  Right now Greenlight has done the best current generation Ford GT in 1/64, and the only company to do an Airstream Bambi, which is just plain cool.  To me they were a little slow out of the gate with their JDM stuff, but the 510 and Rally 240Z they just plain nailed.  And Bigfoot?  Maybe the best Greenlight model ever.

I get into it on the video.  It was a fun one to do, outside of the two cuts I got on my hands while opening them.

9 Replies to “Greenlight nailed Bigfoot and the Datsun 510.”

  1. Bigfoot doesn’t really strike my fancy, but there are definitely certain M2 models I like to collect. Mainly certain versions of the camper trailers, certain JDM models, and the various Ford Econolines they’ve been doing a lot of lately. The quality control issues are an on-going frustration, so if they’d get all that sorted out, they’d be unstoppable.

  2. I love the Greenlight topics, but the quality is so sketchy. Those Bambi bumpers are all over the place, and the angle of the tanks on the front cover the spectrum of the protractor. I want these, but I want them to be a little better.

  3. I’ve got The Matrix Hitch and Tow along with the regular and Green Machine version of the Lincoln Continental only because I love The Matrix movies. I too have been suspect of the quality and consistency of execution even within the same issues.

  4. This is a really cool GREENLIGHT article. I have 3 BIGFOOT monster trucks. Wished I had ordered 5 to get the free GREENMACHINE monster truck. I did pre-order 5 of the GL Diescastpub 69 Camaros which will include a GREENMACHINE Camaro. They should be shipping real soon. They also have other really cool Datsun 510. Especially the Diecastpub one.

  5. I like that they’ve done the USDM 510, only because the JDM version is already well-covered by a number of Japanese brands. I hope they do a USDM 280Z (not the S130 280ZX), since that’s a car that’s unlikely to be done by a Japanese firm, but would make sense for a USDM focused brand like Greenlight.

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