The new Matchbox ’69 BMW 2002 (with its HW counterpart) & other 2019 A Case Highlights

It is nice to see some new models in a Matchbox A Case.  Most years it is holdovers from the last case of the year before and some new decos on existing castings.  That isn’t the case this year, with the new Ram and BMW 2002 making their debut.

I opened the case last week.  I am opening the models this week.  Video first, photos in a bit.

Oh, and some comparisons.  Enjoy:

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  1. Hmm. There is something weird with the proportions. It looks to tall. Perhaps it’s because the lower trim is not painted, or maybe it’s simply made too tall. The other weird thing is the large cylinder on the front of the base, presumably for the rivet and post.

  2. totally off topic, but is there a website that sells replacement axles and wheels for older Lesney models? I specifically have the Kent Fire Brigade Land Rover truck that is now missing the front axle and wheels. My email is Thank you.

    1. I’ve never seen one. The only one I saw were plastic tires for the king size. The only option is to look for play worn models and you can try to use it as spare parts.

  3. can someone help me get these 2 matchbox cars 16 Ram Flatbed and 69 BMW 2002 2019 cars i really need them for my collection but i need 2 of each thanks travis here’s my email addreass if you want to talk to me thanks so much

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