RLC Members, there are still White Custom Camaros available. Will it sell out?

I’ve been home sick today, and I still forgot about the RLC Sale today.  The HWC Special Edition Custom Camaro went on sale today, and I was surprised to see some still available when I logged in this afternoon.

The white Camaro is an homage to the famous White Enamel EP model that was erroneously released to a few stores back in the 60’s.  White Camaros have since become one of the most valuable Red Lines around, and Hot Wheels decided to pay a little tribute in its 50th year.

I’ve wanted this one, and I still forgot.  Thankfully Mattel made 12000 and they haven’t sold out yet.  If the 36 hour window closes (9pm Pacific Wednesday), the remaining will be made available to all HWC members.  Let’s see what happens.

(images by Mattel)

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  1. This was such a cool gesture by Mattel for their 50th celebration. The Custom Camaro remains one of the most popular models from 1968, and near mint loose original releases will cost well over $200, and sometimes many multiples of this price depending on color. I prefer the original toys, but finding them without chips, toning or other damage is a pretty tough task. I was happy to get two of these today, and plan to open one for display.

  2. I got mines today. It took me 4 minutes total time without glitches to get that BADBOY.I am a happy camper. Sorry to hear you were under the weather today BRAD. Make sure you drink plenty of fluids to keep from getting dehydrated. If you do not get better soon go to the Doctor. You never want to take a chance. Take care and get well soon.

  3. It’s still available, apparently, at 5:30pm ET. I’ve got it up in my browser and I’m trying to decide. I rarely get the chance to buy anything anymore. The last success I had was for the Car Culture 5 pack. I either forget or it sells out as I struggle with the site.

    Ultimately I am deciding to give it a pass. I know it would just sit in the package in a bin and, frankly, I’m at the point that I have enough of that.
    But I know that not long ago this would have sold out in seconds. Crazy how times have changed.

    1. I believe it’s advertised on the site the same way there sale items are advertised on the home page. I cannot recall when the membership typically goes on sale. Sorry – I wish I could be more help!

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