Opening the Hot Wheels RLC VW Rockster

The one problem with “Rockster”?  One of these days I won’t notice my auto-correct changing it to Rockstar, which it will try and do every single time.

But that is the only complaint I have.  The rest is all positive.  A true RLC monster truck, with a little bit of over-the-top off-roadiness mixed with Hot Wheels collectors’ infatuation with all things VW T1.  And it was designed by Phil Riehlman to boot, who designed the VW Drag Bus.

I got mine a few days ago and promptly opened it on the Lamley Extras Channel.  Here is a look:

2 Replies to “Opening the Hot Wheels RLC VW Rockster”

  1. Might have looked better with a 4×4 truck such as the Dodge Ram, Chevy Silverado, or Ford Raptor, but a VW bus is not about extreme off roading and it looks wrong to me.

    1. Hot wheels has done lifted Brodozer styles of all 3 of the trucks you mentioned, and they all looked about as tall as this. I guarantee you that NONE of them is for extreme off-roading. These lifts and giant wheels on all these trucks are clearly aiming towards the “SEMA jacked showtruck” angle cos there’s a ton of money there, but make no mistake, those trucks are very incapable and struggle the mount the plinths they sit on at said car shows.

      Hot Wheels’ idea of extreme offroad is a cartoon fantasy, that’s the point.

      All it is for is to look cool, and a T1 looks way cooler than the 9001th giant Tapout Fred Durst idiot truck you’lll see today. When was the last time an F150 was actually interesting?

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