Want to tour the Hot Wheels Design Center? All you have to do is show Mattel a photo of your collection! (And have them choose you as the winner of course.)

Did you know that Oompa Loompas work at the Mattel Design Center?  Did you know there is a room where everything is made of Super Treasure Hunts, and the rivers flow of spectraflame paint?  Did you know there is a machine where basic Hot Wheels enter and turn into Supers by way of unicorn sneezes?

It probably isn’t true, but how do you know?  Have you ever been there?  Well here is your chance.  Mattel is going to give a lucky collector and a guest a chance to visit the Design Center to see where the magic happens, unicorn sneezes or not.

You want to be that person?  I promise you do.  All you have to do is show Mattel your collection:


As part of a special Ultimate Collectors Contest with Kroger – special exclusive sets hitting this week – the Hot Wheels Team is inviting you to show them your collection, and they will choose a winner to venture to LA and see the Design Center.

How cool is that?  That is not an invitation that is offered lightly.  The Design Center is under heavy security, and I promise no matter how badly you would like to visit, they won’t let you in.  Those that have visited will attest to the treat that it is, and it would be awesome to see one of you get that chance.

Just follow this link, or visit Kroger stores and find the display.  That’s it.  Here are the details:

Show us your ULTIMATE Hot Wheels collection for a chance to win a trip for 2 to the Hot Wheels Headquarters in Los Angeles!  Spend a day with the Hot Wheels design team and get a behind the scenes tour of the design studio.  This experience is NEVER open to the public and is truly a one-of-a-kind, VIP experience! Some components of the experience/tour include:

  • Complete tour of the Hot Wheels Headquarters, including the design studio and Hot Wheels Garage.

  • See how Hot Wheels die cast cars are made, from concept to 3D model to factory to store.

  • Spend a day with the Hot Wheels team and learn what goes into making our cars, as well as the rich history and legacy our designers carry.

  • As part of this VIP experience, you will get Hot Wheels swag, autographs, and ultimate bragging rights!

  • To enter, visit www.hotwheels.com/collectors , upload a picture of your Hot Wheels Collection, and tell us a little bit about you and why your collection is unique!

This runs through the end of the year, so don’t wait.  Get those submissions in.

Too bad you’ll have to sign an NDA and won’t be able to tell us about the unicorn sneezes.


5 Replies to “Want to tour the Hot Wheels Design Center? All you have to do is show Mattel a photo of your collection! (And have them choose you as the winner of course.)”

  1. Neat idea, but the cynic in me refuses to let me believe that anyone other than one of the most obnoxious types of collectors has a chance of winning this. You know the kind…harasses store employees, never DLMs anything, price-gouges his models on ebay…Hopefully I’m wrong. It’d be interesting to know what kind of criteria they’ll be using.

  2. And the winner will be someone who lives in………..er…….. the USA ? Anyone who lives outside the US will have no chance of amassing the type of collection that Mattel would choose as the winner, so the dice are loaded from the outset, so nice idea but more chance of being struck by lightning or winning the lottery.

  3. Holy moly ,, a dream come true …… every since I could talk it was cars cars that’s all I wanted for birthday Christmas or any time gift was Hot Wheels and to go see that wow that would be a very lucky person …. I would have to sneak my son with me of course… I just hope whoever wins it i hope they get the most satisfying feeling from being so honored to be there and take it all in ….. wow good luck guys and gals 🤔wow to see all the ,,, well most of their secrets…. lol. Thanks for the opportunity guys🌎✌🏼

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