Hot Wheels Car Culture Drag Strip Demons in photos.

It’s easily one of the best Hot Wheels releases of 2018.  So much so that I have dedicated quite a few features to it.


One last one.  Here are all the Hot Wheels Drag Strip Demons in photos.  If you already have them, you know how beautiful they are.  If you don’t, here are some photos.

I have discussed the “Gasser overload” before.  They are popular.  And because of that, Hot Wheels will continue to make them.  They epitomize the best of Hot Wheels.  Clever models with fu graphics.  Only this time it isn’t a fantasy car in a crazy made-up deco.  It is a real car in a crazy, appropriate decos.  Win-win.


(By the way, want full size versions of these photos?  Click on the photo and scroll down.  You will see a link to the full size version.)

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  1. My fingers continue to be crossed that I’ll be able to score these without paying someone a 100% markup to get them (which I won’t do). So, in-store or not at all is how it’ll be. Here’s to hoping!

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