The Hot Wheels Design Team previews upcoming 2019 Hot Wheels New Models

Right off the bat, a sincere thanks to the Hot Wheels Design Team for spending a few minutes to do these videos.  Brendon, Dima, and Ryu were very cool to sit down and talk about their upcoming designs, and the insight is fantastic.  And a big thanks to the rest of the Design Team and Jimmy Liu in marketing for letting it happen.

Here is a little side thought.  These guys share a lot.  They love it when we love their stuff.  They listen to us more than you think.  And we in turn hopefully give them the proper respect.  How?  Stay away from the leaked stuff.  I don’t think you know how much damage it can do.  First off, the licensed designs they do should debut under their guidance, so that licensors don’t see incomplete projects out in the public.  It puts the licenses we collect in jeopardy.  Also, it takes something that a designer has worked hard on and unveils it all wrong.  Incomplete, sometimes with the wrong wheels, essentially not as it was supposed to be seen.  If a designer wants to give us a sneak peek like Dima and Ryu do here, then perfect.  Let them control it.  And lastly, leaked items can kill plans that were made specifically for collectors.  Let’s just say we’ve lost out on some cool opportunities because models were leaked.  Yeah, Mattel continues to try and control theft on their end, but if collectors weren’t so prone to gobble all this up, there would be no need to steal the items and the images.

I say all this because it is obvious how much passion goes into these cars.  Long freaking hours to be sure, and a lot more.  And these guys still sit down with this nerd to shoot a video for all you nerds.  I think that is pretty awesome.  We don’t have to love their creations just because of that, but we can give them the proper kudos.

All that said, here is Dima and Ryu breaking down some upcoming 2019 Basic New Models.  Enjoy:


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  1. Mattel should survey fans about what cars they would like to see produced in the next few years, and then select one group for Matchbox and one for Hotwheels … and I guarantee there would be some really funny ideas!

  2. I hope they really do listen. Please please please tone it down on the skylines and do other cars. I love love looooove JDM but sheesh the amount of skyline recolors are ridiculous. Show some love for preludes, del sol, 3000GT or any other car that hasn’t been made or beaten to death.

    1. I too love JDM but i am sick and tired of Skylines. A 3000 GT would be awesome, but well, that’s what we have tomica premium for, i bought theirs and it’s amazing, hot wheels probably will fuck up a 3000 GT if they do it, i mean, look at their NSX…horrible. Thankfully this Nissan 300ZX looks great, but there are lots of jdm cars i’d love to see.

  3. Are any of those names you mentioned in charge of distribution? Or, deciding how many generics go in every case? Or, at least go to stores and see dust- collecting generics plummeting repeat orders? IF NOT, there is no use previewing those models repeatedly…

  4. Boy, I totally disagree that it’s the public’s responsibility to stop consuming leaked images. What are we to do, cover our eyes and ears? Obviously it’s Mattel’s responsibility to control theft, both of their news and of their supers. Having opened (and watched opened) twenty cases one evening without a single super, I’m pretty irked at Mattel for letting those cases out of their factory with every super stolen! Should I be forced to be content to open every case in a bin and find a singe super?

  5. First, thank you Lamley for forging relationships with the designers to allow videos like this happen. And thank you for making the time for the interview and filming it.

    2019 is shaping up to be an amazing year! I am so incredibly excited for the Ur-Quattro! The CRX and 300ZX look amazing as well! 80’s and 90’s imports are what I grew up with and I can’t wait to see more of these models in future lineups. Question, do we still call it JDM if it’s a U.S. model from a Japanese car company? I guess I tend to think of JDM as Japanese domestic market cars that stayed at home or at least were never exported to the U.S.

    I’m looking forward to seeing the next preview of the McLaren Senna a little closer to production. It’s a bit challenging to take in the true awesomeness of this car done up in metallic brown over blue interior. I am crossing my fingers for the debut release in habanero orange.

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