The Matchbox ’15 Mercedes-Benz G Wagon makes its debut at this week’s European Gathering Convention. Here is a First Look.

Let’s clear up the confusion right out of the gate.  You are thinking you have already seen the Matchbox ’15 Mercedes-Benz G Wagon.  It has been all over the Jurassic World Series, hasn’t it?

Well, not exactly.  Have a look:


They look pretty similar, but look again:


The 2014 is the Jurassic release, and has a front grille bar.  The 2015 does not.  I have no idea if there are other differences, but if there are I haven’t found them.  The base clears it up as well:


Not much difference, but a difference, and if you are familiar with Matchbox MAN numbers, you can see that each casting has a different ID number (1109 and 1195).

The ’15 G Wagon was supposed to debut in the Mercedes-Benz Walmart Series, as it was listed on the back of the cards.  But it has been delayed or cancelled, and that means the model debuts at a Convention.  The Matchbox European Gathering at Leipzig, Germany to be exact.

The Leipzig Toy Show this weekend is a massive event, and has become the home of the Matchbox European Gathering the last few years, run by Dirk Schleuer.  Mattel and the Matchbox Team has embraced it as well, producing a beautiful Convention Model each year.  Last year it was the G63 6×6, after models like the BMW 1M and Karmann Ghia in years before.  The event is in Germany, so expect a German car replica.  And this year is no exception.

There will be three versions for attendees this year.  An orange model, with 300 produced, a green model, with 125 produced, and a special not-yet-seen model, with only 75 produced.  (I will show that soon.). There is actually another version, in CRAZY limited numbers, but more on in future showcase.

They look nice in the case, but I prefer this way:


Like last year’s 6×6, these go Brabus-inspired, with additional logos for the event.  They are stunners to be sure.  And while they are available to Convention-goers, you can get one or both as well.  The event is this weekend, but at that same time the orange and green versions will be made available at the Moyshop eBay store.  The links below are not live yet, but they will be next weekend, so save them or come back:

Orange G Wagon Leipzig

Green G Wagon Leipzig

I will also let you know when they are live.  And they are worth it, especially as companion pieces to the 6×6, and for me double-especially because I can have them without Jurassic World decos.  I dig the street versions more.

Obviously next weekend also means another convention, by Team Blue, which I will be attending, but coverage of the Germany event will still pop up here.  Look for a video and photo showcase of all three exclusives (that fourth might pop up), plus a list of Mattel-donated auction items, that you can bid on from home if you’d like.  I am even trying to get videos of Abe Lugo’s presentation from the event.  Stay tuned.

For now, have a look at these two new model beauties:

IMG_3583 2IMG_3574IMG_3579IMG_3578IMG_3580IMG_3576IMG_3558IMG_3562IMG_3567IMG_3560

3 Replies to “The Matchbox ’15 Mercedes-Benz G Wagon makes its debut at this week’s European Gathering Convention. Here is a First Look.”

  1. Man those are nice! I sure hope to see a basic release in the near future with some front and rear detailing. I’m very bummed the Mercedes-Benz set exclusive got cancelled because I was really looking forward to that when I saw it on the presentation last year.

    On a side note, since Mercedes-Benz is in full swing, I hope Matchbox brings back the SL55 AMG from 2005 or better yet, make a newer one.

  2. A real nice looking casting. I can’t wait to see it in the mainline in 2019. Good to know it didn’t make it as part of the Walmart Mercedes series, as I had not heard that before. That series has been scarce at Walmarts around here, so I just thought I hadn’t found that particular model yet. There are 1 or 2 others I’m still on the hunt for.

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