Unboxing: Hot Wheels Car Culture Circuit Legends & Entertainment Forza

Soooo, things are gonna be busy.

Forza is out, and available at Wheel Collectors. That means the inevitable, and deserved, S15 Frenzy has begun. And Car Culture Circuit Racers is out too. Unboxing coming and features coming.

Aaaand, the Hot Wheels Convention is less than a week away. I have showcases ready for that. And the DLM Party to prepare for. (You want to attend. I promise.). And the Leipzig Toy Fair is coming, with – as always – a huge Matchbox presence. I have previews coming for that. Rains it pours, but it will be fun.

So let’s get started. Wheel Collectors called me yesterday to tell me that got some pallets full of awesome, and I asked if they would quickly film an unboxing, and Matt & Matt did. So here they are. Now you know what you look for:

(Find HW Circuit Legends at Wheel Collectors)

(Find HW Forza at Wheel Collectors)

2 Replies to “Unboxing: Hot Wheels Car Culture Circuit Legends & Entertainment Forza”

  1. Awesome forza motorsport entertainment car’s and car culture circuit legends car’s you unboxing video congrats.👍 I’m on the hunt for all of those.👍

  2. I’ve been on the look-out for these, and the Circuit Legends showed up the other day. The Advan 962 is great, easily my fave of the set! The deco is impressive compared to the Very boring Advan Team Transport! Very disappointed that the 787B has the bent spoiler (all of them!). I thought if it was metal, I could tweak it a little (I open mine), but, alas it’s plastic. Maybe will be fixed in later cases or releases?? I hope? The Cobra Daytona Coupe looks even goofier in real life (GIANT cartoon wheels, not even just big), and I decided to leave it. Got a Corvette and Ford GT, even though I don’t collect them, they do look nice, and I love the premium models. The Forza set looks fantastic, and I’m really excited to find those someday soon!

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