Showcase: The latest Hot Wheels Kroger & Target Exclusives

The Walmart Zamacs have been strangely hard-to-find this year.  I am not sure why, but they have barely appeared in many areas.

Thankfully that can’t be said for some of the other store exclusives.  The Target Red Editions have been fairly consistent in their regular releases this year, and the last batch of 2018 is here.  And unlike last year, the Kroger exclusives have been showing up as well.  That is a good thing.

I will keep searching for the 2018 Zamacs, but I am happy to feature these:

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  1. You only had 4 of the 7 Kroger Exclusives. There are 3 more. You are missing the silver Custom ’15 Ford Mustang from the Then & Now series, the red MR11 from the HWSports series, and the purple Monteracer from the X-Raycers series.

  2. Awesome store exclusives you open up and reviewed congrats.👍 I have the target exclusive red edition car’s but I don’t have Kroger or any store related to Kroger where I live. So I won’t be getting the Kroger exclusives.👍

  3. It’s been just the opposite here in Seattle. Found plenty of the Walmart zamacs (which almost never happens), but have yet to see a single Target exclusive in a store.

  4. I did find a Target Exclusive Time Attaxi with mismatched wheels: white-lipped in front, all black in back. It’s actually more like all the previous releases!

  5. In the charlotte area, we have gotten tons of zamacs. Last year, I found none, but this year I have found about 20 and bought 5.

  6. Snagged the only Red Edition I care for (the Mercedes) the other day. The Ford GT makes it a real shame I don’t live in Kroger-land, I’d definitely like to have that one.

  7. the only 2 zamac release’s that didnt show here are both “Q” case’s the one with the 67 camaro and the 66 batmobile and if it sounds like i am crying , i am…

  8. I wish Mattel wouldn’t give a local chain exclusives because most won’t get them. That being said i have been to Kroger in Michigan and they have the Hotwheels and i appreciate that

  9. I found the Kroger exclusives in a dump bin at my local Fred Meyer a few weeks ago. A total surprise! I bought the Ford GT Racer and Tour de Fast on sight, but passed on the other 2. I had to go home and do some research to discover they were exclusives.

    A similar thing happened with the Target Red Editions. I have not found a single Red Edition in my state this year, but a couple of weeks ago I was across the state line and found a fair selection of P case, including the white Mercedes GT. The other 2 exclusives may have been there as well, but I didn’t pay any attention to them. Anyway, I didn’t even catch on that this was a Red Edition. I just assumed it was a recolor that I had somehow missed being mentioned. So now I know if I want to find stuff, I need to go out of state.

  10. The only Zamacs that I didn’t find this year were ALL OF THEM except case MT “Hot Wheels Month” (Porsche 934.5, ’49 Ford F1, ’67 Mustang) and the Summit Corvette C7.R. Most years I do far better, finding maybe as much as 75% of them.

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