Placing the latest wall-display-worthy acquisitions

I do get a lot of stuff each week.  Some store finds, some mail finds, some blog-related content items.  Lots of stuff.

But it isn’t every week I get wall-display items.  Those are the models that I like so much they make it to the wall.  The wall in this case is one of my several Carney 108-count wall displays.  I have a few, each dedicated to a different brand.

I have been asked to show them all at once, but what is the fun in that?  They do change over time, as new items enter and replace models that were there.  Some are automatic, like Hot Wheels Car Culture and Super Treasure Hunts.  I have two columns dedicated to the Supers, so as the latest enters, the oldest leaves into the closet storage.  I also add Car Culture in sequence no matter what.  They are so fun to see together.  Nothing else in my displays is that official.  I just put in what I like.

And that meant a few entries this week.  The Hot Wheels RLC Hi Po Hauler is in, joining other RLC favorites.  So are the Tomica Limited Vintage RX-7’s and 787B.  I have three displays dedicated to TLV – more than any other brand – and those three were no brainers.  The new Skylines need a spot, as do the Hong Kong exclusive Civics, but I still need to open those.

The one limitation to the Carney Displays?  Some models don’t fit, so the Auto World Buick Estate, which is EASILY wall-worthy, has to find another spot.

So here are the placements:



And what had to go:


It is always hard to decide what to ditch, and it isn’t based on what I like the least.  Rather what makes sense in my chaotic mind.

So there.  More space needed soon.

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