A Tale of Two: Tomica Limited Vintage & Kyosho Mazda 787B’s

A post on the Lamley Group Facebook Group (affectionately known as the Group Group or LGG) reminded me that I took photos of the TLV and Kyosho 787B’s back when TLV released their first.


So I am going to post them here.  I originally had the #55 replica by Kyosho, but that is now sitting in the office of a fairly well-known JDM-restoration shop here in SLC.  I replaced it with the #202, which Kyosho made with the matching 5-spoked wheels.

But there are not very many differences after that.  So, instead of pitting these two against each other, here they are as a pair, representing two different cars.  Maybe TLV has the 202 coming at some point.  For now, these two look great together.



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