Hot Wheels Car Culture Shop Trucks is now available at Wheel Collectors

Too late to Target?  Wheel Collectors has Shop Trucks.  The pallets just arrived, and they are listed now.  And as you can probably tell from my last video – and upcoming photo post – this set is a must-have.  Find it at this link:

Hot Wheels Shop Trucks at Wheel Collectors


7 Replies to “Hot Wheels Car Culture Shop Trucks is now available at Wheel Collectors”

  1. Weak set. No new casting, average tampo, another pass.. WC and other scalpers are now choking on their stock, good riddance…

  2. Unexpectedly good set *in the hand*, figured it was a dud until I received/opened them. The Econoline is matte, like red primer… which I never realized from pics and is awesome, and those rims set it off. Far better than Eurospeed which was a serious disappointment and that’s not just me. All the models, even the 993, are easily available at multiple stores in DFW.

    Only gripe is the case wasn’t 2 of each, I’ll have to pay a scalper so I can have a carded VW for my artwork set. That NEVER happened with the $3.50 car culture, it’s happened twice now with the full premium cases.

  3. Yep.

    Scalpers are buying the VW because it is quote/unquote “rare”, not because it is a model they want for their own collections.

    Mattel needs to cut the crap and put equal numbers of each model in every case, so collectors of complete sets don’t need to jump through hoops or pay scalpers to complete their sets.

    It’s an insult to their own most loyal customers.

    It also creates a problem at retail.

    Many of the Target stores in my area are clogged with Gulf Ford Transit vans, which were the ‘3 per case’ items a couple of batches ago.

    Those peg warmers means that no new stock is coming in at those stores, slowing the whole process down, and ultimately hurting Mattel itself with lack of product turnover.

    So that’s two separate issues caused by the genius who decided to make one model more “rare” than the others.

    Good move, genius!


  4. Yeah I was going to comment about this too. Why are they doing this NOW. Why is so hard to place 2 of each in the case.

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