Tomica Limited Vintage turns 15 next year. The celebration begins in November.

Don’t put your party hats away just yet.  Hot Wheels turned 50 this year, while Matchbox entered its golden years at 65.

But don’t forget this young buck.  Tomica Limited Vintage turns 15.  Hooray!  If we can get this pouty teen off their Snapchat for a minute, we will surely celebrate.

And TLV already has plans.  It starts with the release of a Japanese automotive stalwart, the new-and-improved Prince Gloria Super 6.

The Prince Gloria was the BRE 510 before the BRE 510.  Its guts were given to the Prince Skyline, and that car became a Japanese legend, helping set the stage for many of the elements of Japanese car culture today.  This is a big deal.

You noticed I mentioned new-and-improved.  Because it is.  TLV has done the Super 6 before.  It was one of the first TLV castings, and was even done in the classic Super 6 racing livery:

The old casting looks good, but the new casting looks way better.  The TLV Team wrote about the changes on the Tomytec Minicar website:

The TLV series, which was born in January 2004, will soon be 15th anniversary. As a memorial model, we remodeled the second generation Prince · Gloria, one of the first three models in the series, incorporating the current state-of-the-art technology. Second generation Gloria is attractive with elegant decoration with flashy decor, plating a lot, including the whole body around the body called flat deck. Especially the front grill, the frame around the headlight etc, the design process which is not in other cars is impressive. This time, it reproduces more delicately by 3D scan of the real car.

Although it is the second generation Gloria that appeared in the fall of ’62, the following year, the first in-line 6-cylinder OHC engine of domestic production was carried and Gloria · super 6 which reigned at the top of Japanese cars even in performance appeared. This time, I reproduced the initial type of Super 6. The rear suspension is a Do-Dion style that has been a tradition of prince car since the first skyline, and this product reproduced the leaf spring and the deion tube that connects it with different parts. Please pay attention to masterpiece of TLV revived after 15 years.

TLV says more celebratory models are coming, and I am beyond curious to see what they are.  The Gloria is a fantastic start.

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  1. Oh my stars. What perfect color choices. And the model of course looks excellent too. I very rarely buy more than one color on TLV’s, but I don’t think I can decide and will just have to get both.

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