Preview: The Hot Wheels Team introduces Car Culture Shop Trucks

Another preview video filmed last April in Dallas at the Hot Wheels Nationals Convention.  This time, Jimmy Liu ( sits down with me to preview Car Culture Shop Trucks, due in stores soon.  Enjoy:

(One note.  The wheels on the Silverado have changed to 5-spoke Real Riders.)

7 Replies to “Preview: The Hot Wheels Team introduces Car Culture Shop Trucks”

  1. Not a dud in the bunch. Car Culture has been an unmitigated success, but it’s still rare that every single model in a given batch is a no-second-thought keeper. This is one of those. If I absolutely had to pick a favorite, it’d probably be the Econoline.

  2. Car Culture just keeps getting better and better with every batch! This is much nicer than the Trucks set from last year by a mile! Love the Econoline and Caddy the best! So far I’ve been lucky enough to find every batch so far this year and last year so hopefully continue the luck with this one! On a side note, this is the first set of the year that doesn’t feature a new casting. The similar set last year didn’t either. Although the Ford Econoline Truck is the newest casting only being released last year in the Star Wars set, it still feels like a new model to me because I still haven’t found one yet. I really want that casting!

  3. Trucks are not really my thing, so I’ll be easily passing on all of these. Well, on the other hand I am a VW fan, so maybe the Caddy service truck is still up for debate.

  4. This set looks interesting. I really like that VW, it looks good with those wheels. But I’m afraid i won;t find them. Once they hit my local stores, someone would have already removed the wheels and replaced with cheapies, resealed the pack with tape and returned them to the store.

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