Unboxing: Hot Wheels 2018 US L Case (with the Ultimate Chase)

I don’t pull Supers that often when I do an unboxing video, and I guess technically I didn’t pull one from this case.

But I did pull a Bone Shaker Ultimate Chase, and that isn’t too shabby.  I think the Bone Shaker Chase will appear in two assortments, and I was happy to find it in the L case.  It does lead to wondering if anyone has pulled both an Ultimate Chase and a Super in the same case.  Who knows.

Here is the video:

5 Replies to “Unboxing: Hot Wheels 2018 US L Case (with the Ultimate Chase)”

  1. Does anybody know if the number of Bone Shaker chase cars produced is similar to a STH, or is it less common? Nice pull

  2. Wow! Now that is a loaded case! I have zero interest in the Bone Shaker Ultimate Chase, but there is a whole lot of licensed sports car goodness in here. Fortunately my local Walmart decided to bless us with a dump bin. The only one all year other than those dang Marvel ones that sit and rot. The odd thing is, this dump bin was only up for a day, maybe two, before it was gone, with the remainder being crammed onto the pegs. Is that a sign of how ravenous local collectors are for good licensed die cast? I checked out with 11 models (most in duplicate), making it my best find since hitting a distant Toys R Us at just the right moment in time to score most of E case earlier this year.

    Still, I didn’t get there soon enough to beat the scalpers to ALL of the Lamborghini Miura Homage, ALL of the ’71 Porsche, ALL but one (that they miraculously missed) of the Lamborghini Pace Car, ALL of the GReddy Nissan Fairlady Z, ALL of the Honda Civic Type R and ALL of the Volkswagen Beetles. I am saying “scalpers” because I find it hard to believe collectors and kids gobbled up all of those while leaving behind literally 15-20 each of cars like the BMW M2, Mercedes-AMG GT, Ford GT, Borla Ford Mustang, Maverick, Pagani, Lotus, Camaro SS, Batmobile and Tesla.

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