Case Report: Hot Wheels 2018 L Case

Guess what?  The release of the L case means we only have four basic mixes left in 2018.  Nuts, eh?

Nonetheless, we just keep moving forward.  Wheel Collectors received their shipment of the L Case over the weekend, and the models are listed:

Hot Wheels 2018 Batch L at Wheel Collectors

And as always, they took one case off the pallet and opened it for us, 3-by-3.  Here is what they pulled:

Click on the image for a larger view.

And for those who like the photos set to music:

I have no idea what the Regular TH is, but I know the King Kuda is the Super.  It appears the L Case might be the first to house the Ultimate Chase Bone Shaker as well.  Good luck!

5 Replies to “Case Report: Hot Wheels 2018 L Case”

  1. The hollowback is the regular treasure hunt.👍 Wow all of those new L case car’s coming out are all awesome.👍 I will be on the hunt for all of those.👍

  2. Well, this case wont get me out in a hurry, I had one second glance at the red Fairlady, but the only one I want from the box is the VW Bug and since there are only 2, I am doubtful I will get my hands or eyes on one in the wild.

  3. I agree with Chris, there is a lot of fantasy shit in there but about 9 that I’ll try to get hold of. They are really getting their money’s worth out of those AMG-GT and Fairlady castings aren’t they ?

  4. Why is the basic King Cuda and the basic Boneshaker selling on Fleabay for $10. Pretty average case this one. I was in my local kmart yesterday and the store lady was pegging A cases. Luckily for me I was missing some from this case.

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