Hot Wheels releases its second cool 5-pack in a row with HW Exotics

Just came across this beauty at Target:

I have already sung the praises of the Car Meet 5-pack, and now here is another.  Look for it at Target now, a million other places soon.  I’ll have a showcase shortly.

5 Replies to “Hot Wheels releases its second cool 5-pack in a row with HW Exotics”

  1. You HAVE to do a saturday showcase on that Jag! Its one of my all time favorite supercars, and this is one good looking version.

  2. Normally a pack of exotics barely gets a second look from me, but the Mclaren and the Jag make this one pretty tempting.

  3. The Exotics 5-pack is a multi-pack I always look forward to…perhaps the only 5-pack I can say that about. It’s usually a 5-for-5 keeper, and they usually do nice casting choices in good decos. This looks to be no exception to that, with one minor quibble; I think it’s time to retire this XJ220 casting. Yes, this particular livery looks nice, but the casting itself has dated in a big way and isn’t quite right. I’d love a new XJ220, or perhaps just a better F-Type Project 7 from the one they did. Otherwise I’m really loving this.

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