Walking through the Dodge Demon and other upcoming New Models with Hot Wheels Designer Brendon Vetuskey

This was a treat.  After finishing up the Lamley DLM Party – video coming soon – Hot Wheels Designer Brendon Vetuskey joined me in the Nationals supply room to share his insights on some of the new models he had designed.

Makeshift location to be sure, but it makes for a fun video.  There is some good old-fashioned heckling from Prius-driving Marketing Manager Jimmy Liu in the background.  Check out the new Dodge Demon, D100 Pickup, and much much more:

The Hot Wheels guys are super busy at these events, so it means a lot that Brendon, Jimmy, Julian and others would block out some time to help showcase these models being showcased at the Convention.  Stay tuned for more videos in the coming days.


7 Replies to “Walking through the Dodge Demon and other upcoming New Models with Hot Wheels Designer Brendon Vetuskey”

  1. hi,..can you ask mr. Vetuskey if hot wheels will consider imitating
    a real looking steering wheel, like other diecast companies.

  2. That Camaro is likely part of the O16 complete set. I hope to get this set, but also hope they release more versions of this model in O16 packaging. It looks amazing.I also really like the Econoline drag truck. This is going to be an expensive but fun year to buy Hot Wheels.

  3. Too many will not even see these and that is ashame! Many great castings but I’m not a fan of RLC just think it’s BS that you have to get in online for it. I have all the 30th anniversary editions and I bought them in store! Listen I think If your into the RLC that’s great. I’m actually a member but I’m not one to have time to get on line and wait for things to go on sale. I do have a real life outside the hobby that not only pays for my hobby but puts food on the table and pays bills. I hate the fact that you have to get on and only hope you get these models. It stinks and one of my most disappointing parts of collecting. For example, I love that GM Econoline but will never see it. For me as a life long collector it really angers me! To the point where I wonder why I’m still doing it! It’s aggravating to see all the junk that mostly sits in store and unless you have all the time in the world and a pocket full of cash you don’t see the good stuff. I’ll tell you I see less people out at the stores. I will no longer see some of the people I’ve met at Kdays. The internet is really ruining this hobby imo! Like I said some may be into it but some just don’t have the time! It sucks and I’m really considering getting out! For weeks now I’ve been wasting gas going out to stores to hunt only to find junk on the pegs! Then I come on the blog to see all this great stuff and just really get pissed off. My kids are begging for real cars and maybe it’s time to let the little cars pay for the real ones! I hate to go that route but from the way the hobby is going I’m getting to the point. Even after the revamp of MBX still have peg warmers I see the new casts on this blog but in store just the same, the casts no one wants and nothing you want. I refuse to go the way of the internet! I like getting a great model in hand and thinking wow this is nice can’t wait to crack it open. My collecting has everything to do with the hunt. The internet takes that out of excitement. It’s like oh I got it but now I have to wait to get it in the mail. I have many full sets of THs, I have the first Camaro TH. I mean I have a great collection. Now not only am I angry about not being able to get the great stuff but I’m angry I wasted years of my life chasing these things only for the internet ruin it for me. Very very sad day here for me because I am seriously thinking of calling it quits!

    1. If you are in this hobby for the pleasure or buying what you want in a shop, then I can understand the frustration. I myself collect because I love the cars, and it really doesn’t matter where they are initially sold. For me, I prefer buying all my diecast on the internet. Like you, I do not have a lot of spare time. Driving around the shops is a waste of my time and fuel. I am fine with paying a little more to have the item I want shipped to my front door.
      No doubt, you can miss out on RLC items if you are not online the moment they go on sale. This happened to me with the RLC Spoiler Boss Hoss Mustang. I ended up paying $60 for a $20 item. Had I waited a few weeks, I could have had the same car for $30. So it goes. Generally, the things I want from the RLC (the Original 16 models) do not sell out, and I can get them at my convenience.
      Mattel typically makes a few thousand of the RLC models, due to lesser demand. Selling them in regular shops would make no sense. If they did that, your chances of finding one would be incredibly low. Having them online – limited 1 per customer – takes away the impossible hunt AND the scalpers.
      (BTW, the Econoline is a Ford, not a GM)

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