Opening the Hot Wheels Nationals Models, Part 2.

Another update from Dallas.  The DLM Party is in the books, and we filmed it.  I will get that up soon.  Lots and lots of carnage, including items from the Larry Wood Archives at Mattel.

I also opened two more Convention Exclusives, the Dinner VW T1 Rockstar, which is also a new model, as well as the RLC Datsun 510 in pink.  One model to go, the Finale Exclusive, which I will post tonight as soon as it is unveiled.  So stay tuned.

For now, the VW and 510:

6 Replies to “Opening the Hot Wheels Nationals Models, Part 2.”

  1. I could imagine the Volkswagen T1 Rockster happening as a mainline if everything except the main body piece was plastic and the rear tire (plus that intake scoop thing) was molded into the interior piece as has already been done with the Toyota Baja truck,

    However, it obviously wouldn’t be anywhere near as nice as this convention piece, and I’d rather just collect it as a premium anyway (though I would imagine it would be a scalper bait casting just like the VW Drag Bus before it, so I’d probably never find it in stores).

    My perennial hope for the presentation is that Hot Wheels will announce the return of Ferrari, either through sublicensing it from May Cheong or taking advantage of the “kit” loophole around May Cheong’s diecast rights. May Cheong having the Ferrari license wouldn’t be so bad if I was actually able to find the product in stores; I haven’t seen any of it in Ottawa in ages, and, even that brief time when I could find it, while I think May Cheong/Bburago does a nice job with the paint on the body compared to basic Hot Wheels, the base price was too expensive for 1/64-ish cars with plastic chassis and plastic wheels.

  2. I do wish Hot Wheels would do a straight Westfalia camper-style Volkswagen T1 bus casting even if it’s just a slightly-modified version of the existing T1 panel bus casting. I know the Sunagon kind of counts, but I mean a 1960s or early 1970s era version.

  3. If I heard correctly but that Datsun 510 die cast is said to be an exclusive that won’t be available to retailers which is a bit disappointing to say the least so even if it’s to be sold on eBay my “instincts” tell me that they would sell for a fortune which would come as no surprise.

  4. Are there really people out there craving a pink Datsun? Is this desirable only because it is an exclusive?

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