Hot Wheels just unveiled the gold ’55 Bel Air Gasser Nationals Finale Exclusive. Here is a look.

This is why you should always hop at the chance to attend a Hot Wheels Convention.  Just a few minutes ago, attendees here at Hot Wheels Nationals in Dallas walked into the Finale and this was the model given to them:

It doesn’t get much better than a ’55 Bel Air Gasser in gold, and it makes for a perfect Finale model for a great event.  I am taking this one home and I can’t wait to put it next to the Candy Striper and Wicked Gasser.  They will make quite the trio.

One unique part of this Convention, for the first time ever, a second Convention model was made available to attendees, but they have to buy in advance.  I am sure glad I took advantage, as I was able to walk away with a second model to keep carded.

The word is they will make that opportunity available again for LA, so be sure to follow Collectors Events Unlimited on Facebook so you know when that opportunity will occur.  You won’t know what the model is when you buy, but based on this beauty what are the chances you will regret the decision to get a second?

More coverage, including the Sneaks Presentation, coming.

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4 Replies to “Hot Wheels just unveiled the gold ’55 Bel Air Gasser Nationals Finale Exclusive. Here is a look.”

  1. Someone made a comment that Mattel keeps using the same cars. I disagree. All of the offerings this year are stellar.

  2. I like em all. MATTEL use castings that people requestor like.Why sell something that Collectors are not interested in. I got hooked in 2013 with JDM cars when the RLC DATSUN 510 was offered. I still like Mopar & Muscle but want complain with the popular castings been used. The Drag Bus is still 1 of my favorites as well. 👍🏾

  3. Just curious….how many of these (roughly) are given out? It seems like every person who gets one just puts it up on ebay the second they get it.

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