Its all about supercars and Skylines in Hot Wheels Mix H.

The H Case is here – at hobby dealers and in stores – and it’s pretty rich with good stuff.  There is a supercar new model that is a star, and it isn’t the new McLaren, and those new Skylines look great.

Your thoughts?  I’ll get a photo feature up later this week on the new McLaren, but I’m not feeling it.  You?

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  1. I compared the McLaren model with photos of the real thing in the new issue of Automobile Magazine.

    HW nailed it. Nothing is wrong with the shape of the model, IMO.

    What might make it look different from what you remember is that most photos of the real car show the car in motion…with the speed-sensitive rear spoiler deployed.

    The HW model has that spoiler lowered, the way it is when the car is parked.

    The car has a rounded butt when parked…and a sharper, more flipped-up rear end when in motion.

    The McLaren is also slightly cab forward in profile, much like the 1st gen Acura NSX. HW got that right, too.

    Love this model!!!



  2. I am looking forward to the 720S… but I kind of agree that the aft section is a bit odd. The wheels are not staggered on this casting, but maybe just slightly too small in general, or maybe should be very slightly staggered bigger in the rear, as most mid-engined supercars have with wider and larger rolling-diameter tires, even if the wheel diameter is the same. I would love to see RealRiders on it, though, with a black tampo on the rear vent panel under the wing. I think the car would well suit several bold re-colors, pearl white, a rich metallic red, blue, there are lots of ideas on McLaren’s own configuration tool. A bit lighter smoke tint on the canopy would be a cool thing, considering that the C-pillars on the real car are actually glassed-over and see-through. BTW… the front headlights… the actual LED headlight emitters are small, and the strike-through marker and signal lights are thin… but most of the black cavity is an aerodynamic channel through the body for cooling air for the front brakes, and airflow management, as are the channels alongside the canopy on the tops of the doors back over the engine bay.

  3. The McLaren is good, not great. No real complaints. But it’s shape and details just don’t translate very well to 1/64, so I’m quite happy to add it, but not getting my heart racing like the real one does. That Porsche though is great!

  4. Every last one of these models is a keeper. I’m most excited for the new 720S, but the P1 has been quite prolific since it was introduced, and there hasn’t been a bad one in the bunch. This white one here looks great.

  5. I must admit I have never been much of a fan of purple cars. It just doesn’t look right to me, with maybe the exception of a Plymouth Barracuda and Plymouth Prowler. So was purple an actual production color for the Skyline or just a customizer respray? From a quick internet search, it looks as though “midnight purple” may have been a limited edition option. If so, maybe I’ll reconsider picking up the Skyline.

    Overall, these look great. I’m sure I’ve mentioned this all elsewhere, but; the black Honda City Turbo is far less exciting to me than the debut white and the McLaren P1 is getting to be a bit overdone and therefore struggles to wow me. My original favorite of this group was the all-new McLaren 720s, but now that is see it out of the package, it looks to come up a bit short (if just slightly). I’ll definitely pick one up and save my judgement until I have it open in hand. My previous discount of the Porsche 918 Spyder has changed and this may now be my top pick of the case. The R30 Skyline would be second. I really dig the gray recolor.

  6. I recently finally found the McLaren 720S in the wild and wow – It’s 2018’s Mercedes AMG GT when it comes to horrid misaligned tampos. An absolute crapshoot.

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