A tale of two Porsches: The new Hot Wheels 918 Spyder is a major upgrade over the Concept


Porsches have to be hard to replicate in 1/64 scale.  The rounded edges and sloping lines, from what I hear from designers, can be very difficult to shrink into small scale.  The canvas to work with is much smaller, and moving from one point on the car to another in such a small space can create problems.

Learning that has made me less inclined to harp on a particular Porsche casting.  I have not been particularly kind to the Boxster Hot Wheels put out a few years ago, and the same can be said for the Porsche 918 Concept.  As much as I was looking forward to both castings, they both were badly disappointing.  The angles seemed off, the proportions off, and the cars distorted.

Well, something must have been figured out, because the Hot Wheels Team just released a new 918, and it is a massive improvement.


The one on the right is the old one – obviously – and based on the concept.  The new one is on the left, based on the actual production model.  That is all I need to point out.  You can see the rest for yourself.


There are obvious differences, like the removal of the exhausts on the side and the top is now a tampo and not part of the interior.  But the biggest difference is the shape.  The Concept didn’t capture the Porsche.  The new Spyder really really does.


I didn’t realize that the 918 Spyder I saw on the Hot Wheels Mainline list was a new casting.  I guess if I did I didn’t really think about it.  But this casting is superb.  The black 10-spokes really enhance the look, and everything else – the lines, the stance – make this a surprise.  In a year loaded with fantastic new castings in the mainline, this one is up there.

(Find it among the Porsches at Wheel Collectors.)


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  1. I am glad that Hot Wheels is willing to make an improvement to this casting and oh boi, it surely works well.

  2. OH HEAVEN! Not only is it better, the cast looks like it was a shrunken-down machine. Please release this as a ZAMAC.

    Lengthening the wheelbase helped a lot in making the model work this time, so now every line is pinpoint accurate relative to the actual car.

    Only thing needed is a snap-on, snap-off top and Y5 wheels. A Weissach Package-equipped 918 should seal the deal.

  3. I never really had a problem with the original 918 casting, but I do agree this new one is a major improvement. as closedcl8 said, hopefully they’ll do a Weissach-themed deco in the future

    1. I’m with you Ben. I never had a problem with the original until now. Seeing it side by side with this new casting, I can see its shortcomings. Namely that the wheelbase is too short, the front wheel arches are far too pronounced and the nose is too small. In retrospect, it’s reminding me a bit of a Ferrari Dino. The new casting looks to have gotten it right. The only thing I would criticize is that the lines on the sides of the new one look a bit soft whereas on the original they are nice and sharp (door cut lines, rear engine cover cut lines).

  4. Even though this model is in the ‘correct’ color for a Porsche, and is an improvement for sure on the earlier version, it seems a little dull and lifeless in hand.

    The real ‘star’ casting in this batch us the McLaren 720. Perfect color…perfect casting…it practically jumps out of the blister.

    Great job, Mattel!


    1. The McLaren definitely caught my eye above the Porsche as well. Looks beautiful! But I am glad Lamley did an article on the Spyder, because now that I know the changes that were made, I am much more excited for it. While silver *is* the color of Porsche, I would love to see the recolor of this model done in gloss red with black wheels. That will look sharp!

  5. One ancillary comment: HW did an outstanding version of the Boxster in the Collectibles series shortly after the 986 release. Still the best version of that car I’ve found in 1/64. Agree that the mainline was subpar.

  6. This new one is one of my favorite Porsche castings. It has the long, lean look of the real car. I’d love to see it in Car Culture or Cars & Donuts.

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