Hot Wheels Throwback 50th Anniversary is now available at Wheel Collectors

The next 50th Anniversary set from Hot Wheels is here.  Wheel Collectors got their shipment of the new Throwback Series today, and it is available now:

Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary Throwback at Wheel Collectors

The set has models representing each of the 5 decades Hot Wheels has been in existence. Like is the case in most sets in which it appears, the ’83 Silverado will be the star.  You can see all the models at Wheel Collectors.


4 Replies to “Hot Wheels Throwback 50th Anniversary is now available at Wheel Collectors”

  1. The flames on that ’70 Charger are hideous! Good God!
    The Silverado, Challenger & the Monte SS are pretty cool and the card art is awesome! Still wonder about the color combo & the interior of the Camaro convertible… I guess you have to remember that not all HW’s are geared towards
    collectors, but they’re primarily aimed at the kiddies so you can’t be too critical I suppose!

    1. The Camaro Convertible is done up in blue and orange, the colors of Hot Wheels. Isn’t that what every collector would want in an anniversary model? 😉

  2. What’s up with the DeLorean #4/10 that I keep seeing pop up? The iroc is #4 in this set. Is the DeLorean some kind of chase, or is there an additional set or what?

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