Well that was a fun day.

After work yesterday I decided to take a quick jaunt to Las Vegas to visit my good friend Jay Kho.  We made a video – coming later this week – and dined on Korean food.

The only reason I am telling you this is that my trip back ended up being quite fruitful.  I rarely get a chance to do an overnight Walmart run, but my late drive back provided the opportunity.  It worked out, and capped a decent day of finds.


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  1. someone already claimed most of the HW Cargos at our local Target in Lynchburg, VA…left 3 Gulf vans and an Odyssey LOL

  2. Someone near me took everything and left 4 Odysseys at 1 walmart. Then at the next Target they said they had 21 but inventory was actually empty because someone just bought up everything that morning. I hate this hobby.

  3. Somebody around here is buying the ones they want…and then cracking the clear blisters of the ones they leave behind!

    More creative than the cardboard bending these losers usually do, I guess…


  4. At my local Target a few days ago, I only found 1 Gulf Supervan & 2 Odysseys (I left the Hondas), but nothing since. Oddly, I found Cars & Donuts WRXs (maybe 6 in total?), at all different places, with cracked blisters, but other models intact. I’m keeping my hopes up that I can find a Skyline Wagon (or 2? even with damaged packaging?), to open & display next to my purple C210, fingers crossed.

  5. Several Gulf vans and a couple Odysseys last week. I got hte Gulf – alomost bought the Odyssey, but had several other cars too, so left the Odyssey for a less productive week. Tonight is my Walmart night. Wish me luck…

  6. No Cargo Haulers here yet (or they’ve come and gone). It feels like we only have one chance to find these at retail anymore. If we miss the day they are put out, that’s it, they don’t get restocked. I literally have only seen Japan Historics one day and one day only, never to reappear. Plenty of retailers around here have empty Car Culture pegs for months on end.

    The M2 Japanese cars look interesting. Sadly, I’ve never seen those anywhere. Are those a separate SKU from the regular, i.e. old American, M2 line Walmart carries? If so, I’m guessing stores in this region don’t order them because they assume local collectors of M2 Machines would not be interested in imports.

  7. From the sounds of it, if Cargo Haulers ever show up here, I may still have the chance of snagging the one model I’m interested in, the Honda Odyssey.

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