The next Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary Set is out in New Zealand. It is coming to US Targets soon.

My good friends at Diecasttvchannel came across this beautiful set in New Zealand:

Hot Wheels is hitting all kinds of fun angles with their 50th Anniversary sets, and this is no exception.  The Silverado is the star, so much so that I took a few pics of it last October at the Hot Wheels Convention.

Look for this set soon at US Targets.  Thanks to the Team of 3 for sharing!


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  1. A few hits and bunch of misses in my opinion. I’d have to disagree with the host of that video on the worst of the bunch…the worst is definitely that absolutely worthless Viper casting. I see four or five I’ll pick up if I find them…definitely the Silverado, Monte Carlo, Ranchero and IROC Camaro. I’ll leave the rest.

    I really loved the Cars of the Decades series…it’s one I’d love to see a return of. This series doesn’t quite live up to that.

  2. For what it’s worth, I’m pleasantly surprised to see a set where ALL the cars have the basic 5-spokes. Aside from all the premium wheels, I think the 5-spokes look the classiest. They work on just about any kind of model, modern or classic.

    On another note…how about that vast and wonderful selection of toy cars at that store! If only I could experience fully stocked pegs with a large variety of offerings like that when I walk into my local big box store …

    1. I hear ya loud and clear on your side note. Every big box store you go to in the U.S. (Walmart, Target, Kroger, etc.) has nothing but wiped out pegs with very little variety and very little new stock. Every once in a while you’ll see a nice, new set of something from Hot Wheels for a very short time until collectors/scalpers get a hold of them and those pegs are left empty for another several months! It’s ridiculous. I did some out of town hunting to several stores last Wednesday and didn’t find a single thing. I came home empty handed wasting all that time and gas!

      1. At least you guys get Auto World, M2, Johnny Lightning, racing champions and Greenlight. New Zealand doesn’t really get that kind of stuff so your best bet is paying double the price of the model on Postage and packaging costs from the US.

  3. Wow.. that Camaro convertible has a ‘loud’ interior. Some of the selections should reach out towards the kiddies, but I think 2 of the best of the bunch are the ’83 Silverado and the ’15 Challenger R/T. I might even throw in the Monte SS too.
    Why the purple/lavender color again for the Ranchero? Remember the Trucks RR’s line along with the mainline & $TH version? Doesn’t hurt to deviate and use something like a green or yellow or something.
    These are generally OK.. different perhaps.. but some are just nice to pick up and look at and then put’em back on the pegs.

  4. If they make it to Canadian Walmarts, I’ll probably get the Silverado (I need an “83” for my Hot Wheels 1-100 number collection) and I have a soft spot for Mustangs in police liveries and maybe I’ll also get the Corvette, but I’d probably leave the rest.

  5. Mattel doing their recycling bit for all it’s worth ! Surely there are better castings than these ( apart from the Silverado ) to celebrate 50 years ? Probably won’t get these in the UK, so may have to pay silly money plus postage on eBay for a Silverado.

  6. These are all the easiest of passes for me. None of the models selected are really to my liking and most of the paint schemes are downright garish.

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