Here is the link for the Hot Wheels February 2018 Kmart cases

As expected, Kmart made the February 2018 36-count cases available today.  And they did, like they always do, overnight.  Here is the link:

February 2018 Hot Wheels Collectors 36-count exclusives cases

Lamley requires that I do this called “sleep” during those hours, so I missed the initial batch.  So they are sold out for now, but rest assured more are coming.  As soon as they do, as long as I am not doing the required sleeping, I’ll let you know.

And it’s a good case, with a stellar mail-in promotion.

Buying a case will ensure one mail-in.  Finding a way to buy four more models will ensure two.  The details are on the Kmart sales page.


Four exclusives…

…and three first-to-market:

The must-have for me is the Porsche.  (Note the 934 and Corvette are silver?  Makes for a Then-and-Now match with their counterpart’s upcoming run as Walmart Zamacs.  Clever, right?)

My guess is the rest of the case will consist of an E or F assortment, so look for the Kenmeri or Indy 500 Oval Supers.  Maybe some of you already know.  Good luck!

4 Replies to “Here is the link for the Hot Wheels February 2018 Kmart cases”

  1. The Porsche is really the only one I’d be overly interested in, but one model doesn’t make buying a whole case worth it for me. I have to wonder how much longer they’ll bother doing Kmart exclusives, given that store’s long, slow death spiral.

  2. I sure hope it’s F case assortments with G case first-to-markets and E case carryovers. I still constantly check our stores for the E case and they’re all absolutely a joke! Both Walmart and Target recently restocked with old cases from last year! I’ve never had this much of a problem finding a particular batch in which none of the stores are ordering any of them and are consistently ordering old batches instead. The E case has been out for several weeks now and I still haven’t found one car and it’s pissing me off! This batch is loaded too and it has to be this one that just can’t show up around here. Hopefully K-Day will put a slight aid on this.

  3. It’s just not worth ordering a whole case to me. The mail-in is not my thing. The first to markets are cool and the silver Vette is nice, but the only thing I’d be buying this for is the silver Porsche. Just not worth the price of a case.

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