New Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary Set – with ’67 Camaro Chase – is now out.

Another holiday surprise.

Our friends at Wheel Collectors knew some orders were coming in from Mattel, but they were surprised to open cases full of black and gold.  It’s the new Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary Set, and it’s gorgeous.  And, most importantly, it is available now:

Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary Basic Set at Wheel Collectors

The 50th Anniversary set is six basic cars with one gorgeous chase, a gold ’67 Camaro.

The Camaro only comes one per case, so be ready.  It is surely a model worth having.

So are the others, with the simple design of both the models and packaging, this set is a must.

15 Replies to “New Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary Set – with ’67 Camaro Chase – is now out.”

  1. Question, is it the opening hood, all zamac version or that crap sealed hood plastic base piece o’ crappola?

  2. I’m sure I’ll be one of the only naysayers here, but this set is kind of “meh” for me. A little more variation in deco would be nice…and the casting choices are not entirely my cup of tea. They tend more to the “classic” type of castings, which is appropriate for an anniversary series, but isn’t really in my wheelhouse. That said, I will pick up the Ranchero and the Impala if I find them…and the chase model because GOLD CHROME! Other than that, I’ll leave these be.

  3. lol….. Lamley, your so messed up…. Blocking me isnt cool…. maybe next time you should partner with a decent company instead of wheel collectors. Their greedy and it shows.

      1. not a troll or a spammer… just sick of seeing wheel collectors get alot of “air” time, you should support a different vendor, one who is not gonna gouge collectors cuz their greedy.

  4. Yeah this set is very lame. Instead of having a tribute set for this anniversary it’s full of boring cars with plastic bases. The chase been there done that. Should have picked iconic hot wheels like a Corvette,nomad,yeah the Camaro, but how about one with real riders and an opening hood. And the color black and gold. Eh. Hot wheels colors are blue and red even orange for the track. Yes the Camaro will be saut after but the rest will be peg warmers.
    Remind me not to have Mattel throw me a 50 birthday party.

  5. These are pretty cool and it always nice to see variation. I bet they look pretty cool in person. I won’t be picking any of them up, as they don’t really have a place in my very limited collection and don’t really say ‘Gotta have it!’, but I’m sure they will fit well in the collections of others.

    Again, love that Hot Wheels is doing more variety, and I hope that energy can be focused on reducing the number of larger rear wheels on certain models (like exotics and Camaros) and do the co-molds again, as those look so great.

  6. I like the presentation. I think the black and gold looks sharp, but these are an easy pass for me. Though these models may be good representations for HW’s 50th, they’re not models that I have an interest in. I’ll keep looking for my Honda City Turbo! 🙂

  7. These can be bought at A and J Toys for 25 bucks for a case of 24 cars plus shipping. You get one of the gold Camaros.

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