I miss Hot Wheels Ferraris. The Ferrari Racers & Speed Machines will have to do.

A weekend walk-through:

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  1. I wonder sometimes how Ferrari will fit in today’s sea of JDM and Porsches. One new Ferrari for every 2 Datsuns, I reckon.

    Really, though, I’d say the cars are in good hands with Bburago. Impeccable body accuracy, just needs deeper-set wheels on smoother plastic tires. But still, I would rather spend $3 billion to simply convince Ferrari to go back to Mattel.

    1. That may not be happening for a long while, if ever. Mattel is famous for screwing up its licenses. I remember when Hot wheels violated its agreement with Holden back in 2002, forcing Holden to pull its license with both HW and Matchbox. It was a miracle to see Matchbox get the license for the Utes back in 2010.

      Something also went down with Disney for the studio to grant its Princess line to Hasbro in 2016.

  2. I remember getting a Ferrari 5 pack a few years back thinking nothing of it – it was the pack with the yellow F40 with the metal opening engine bay. Cool pack for sure. I wonder what is keeping the license from going through (I don’t know the back story), but definitely missing out on some great cars. The old ones are still out there, but the lack of current models is definitely affecting the prices of the old ones as they are in more demand for sure. Just look at the Magnum PI 308 GTS 🙂 Still, I don’t collect Ferraris in general, because there are too many cool models – I’d want them all.

  3. Oh, and yes, I agree – bring back those co-molds!!! If HW took every mainline model that they put the PR5/MC5 on and replaced them with these co-mold wheels, I’d probably be buying 5x the number of Hot Wheels.

  4. Sorry to change the subject. Toys R Us just had 3 color exclusives in their C case. I found them this morning. They have a black Bone Shaker, an orange Lamborghini Countach Tooned, and a blue/purple Lotus Esprit S. I was blessed to find them since not too many people know about those…

  5. One of my great laments is that many of your featured models were coming out around when I first started really collecting, so I neither knew the real significance of them nor did much real hunting for them. I did pick some up when I saw them, but not nearly as many as I would have. It’s a real shame because assembling a collection of these nowadays is one expensive proposition. So many great castings…hopefully Mattel and Ferrari will work their shit out eventually, however unlikely that may be

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