Hot Wheels has released new Mystery Models. The real mystery is where they will hit.

Instagram user @ashietoynerd dropped this interested tidbit the other day:

It is a new batch of Hot Wheels Mystery Models, and it just hit in Australia.  And it’s a great assortment.  Some existing decos in new colors, along with some new decos entirely.

Most importantly, there are some awesome castings in the mix.  The Mazda RX-7, Mazda Furai, COPO Camaro, and Ford GT are all collectors faves.  Same goes for the Lancia Stratos, Mustang Mach 1, and Corvette Grand Sport.  Collectors will want these.

But who will be able to get them?  The last couple of years Hot Wheels has done some International only assortments, and collector-wise they are far better than the Mystery Models released in the US.  I have pursued a few of these models, among them a black Aston Martin, silver Porsche 911, and grey Lamborghini.

So is this an International-only mix as well?  I guess we will find out soon.  I kind of hope it is.  Thanks to @ashietoynerd for sharing these pics:

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  1. Great models. But why do you hope it’s international only? All that would mean for the US collectors is that we’ll have to pay ebay ransom prices if we want these.

  2. I agree. Some eBay sellers are extortionists… must’ve been a typo and meant to say hope not International only. By the way, went to Target a few minutes ago and found 2 C cases… I had the impression C case for Target was going to be the first Red Edition color exclusives.. maybe will be case D instead…

  3. Oh wow…these are actually really nice! In the past, I’ve gone after maybe two mystery models per batch and been happy, but I see about a half dozen here that I’ll be on the lookout for (if they indeed come to the U.S.).

    On an unrelated note, I picked up a new 9-pack yesterday (which I almost never do) that has an absolutely STUNNING Ford GT LM in it…metal-flake olive green with black stripes. There were a couple other models in the 9-pack that I wanted (including a funky deco on the Honda CR-X), but it was damn near worth it for that GT alone. Anyone else seen it?

      1. I found it at a Walmart. The new 9-packs are easy to spot because the lettering on the tops of the packages has been changed to include (I think) Spanish labeling…I threw the package away so I forget exactly how it’s different, but it makes it easy to see what’s new vs. old when they’re lined up on the shelves

      1. I like it a lot. I’m not usually a fan of color-tinted windows, but the amber somehow works on this one. Kind of ridiculous that it’s bid up to over $6. If I’ve found it in stores, I’m sure it’ll be showing up everywhere as we speak.

    1. I’ve seen it, and I distinctly remember not the GT, but the CR-X (GT’s aren’t really my thing)! You’re right, it had a totally funky color scheme, but it was memorable and while I’ve passed up the CR-X on the pegs, this one did pique my interest.

      I’ve also seen another 9-car pack with the ’82 Skyline in it. There is also a pretty nice Lacia Stratos in some of the 9 packs as well that stands out.

      Those gift packs are where it’s at! My all time #1 holy grail car that I had to search and search for, for a long time, was a 9-car gift pack exclusive deco.

  4. And just to make this truly weird, they are not in the usual Australian stores. Ashie got them at an Aldi in Brisbane Queensland. So far they have not appeared at Aldi in southern states (even in their catalogue).

  5. I’d love to get that RX-7 and Ford GT! The Furai and Stratos are nice castings, but I don’t really care for these color schemes. Good luck to all!

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