I’ve been asked to pick my favorite Lamley photo. It’s this one.

Sorry for the lack of the photos the last month.  I know there has been a heavy dose of videos lately, and hopefully you find a few here and there interesting.

My travel schedule has been hectic, and I just haven’t had the time I need in my office at home.  That means when I do have a few minutes, I try to maximize my time.  And the truth is that doing a quick one-take video takes about a tenth of the time it takes to prepare photos for the blog.  Setting up, taking the photos, editing and uploading takes some time.

Thankfully, things are settling down, and I have time to do the TON of cool photo features I have, including the 2017 Lamley Awards.  So be prepared.

But I still love taking photos more than any other aspect of the blog, and they aren’t going anywhere.  It is still the bread and butter of Lamley.

So, here is a one photo post.  I was asked recently what photo I have take is my favorite.  This one, of a Skyline Super Silhouette by Tomica Limited Vintage, I say choice.  It makes me smile.  Lighting is key.  A cool car is as well.


Hopefully there is a future photo that I will like even more.  I’ll keep trying.

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  1. You also have awesome outdoor shots. Was that Arizona or the Rockies? I would love to see more of your outdoor shots.

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