When a Super TH just lies around.

Thought I’d post the pic.  I checked the pegs first, and didn’t plan on bothering with the endcap considering they were pretty bare.

This is exactly how I found it:

So I took a closeup, and bought it.


As nice as that photo is, I like this one better, taken from the morning’s activities before finding the Super:


It was a nice morning.

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  1. I always hoped to find one just like that. Sometimes packs fall behind those dump tray/boxes like that.. you’d think at least one Super would make it’s way back there..
    Found three of those Velocita Super’s. One had a double card (the same card stuck together). 2 at a Walmart & one at Target. I really wanted to find the ’67 Camaro Fifty w/those awesome chrome Steelies, but I won’t complain.
    Nice find on a nice day.. damn you John!

  2. I found my first STH, the Greenwood ‘Vette, just like that in a Walmart in Central Cal- laying on the shelf like a misfit toy. I was stoked!

  3. Well, if it were gonna happen, it makes sense that it’d be a model like the Velocita…kinda flies under the radar a bit. That’s one of those $uper casting choices that’s really only exciting to find BECAUSE it’s a $uper, not because it’s a cool model. Needless, to say, I’m not losing any sleep over not finding one.

    The Datsun 620 $uper that I just scored today, on the other hand…well that made my entire day.

    1. I didn’t even notice that…I never found one of those pegged ever. Funny that there’s one of those AND a $uper in a trashed shipper. Never seen that before.

  4. Congratulations on you Super T-hunt find John! I would have been thrilled just to find the Civic, RX-7 and 356A. I’m am hoping P & Q cases hit here soon.

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