The Matchbox National Parks line just grew a bit with the new 2018 5-pack.

I tried to do this video twice before, but strange sound problems plagued both.  So here is my third attempt, and it came out nicely.  Finally.

And this line deserves a feature.  It is one of the most popular ongoing decos Matchbox does, and the team finally released a full National Parks 5-pack.  It is hitting stores now, and here is a preview, along with all the National Parks vehicles (outside of the Sky Busters).


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  1. Cool! I just found this at target today. I love the k5 and the horse trailer is really cool. I’ve been thinking about getting the k5 blazer for years. Glad I waited as this is the best version yet. (With respect to the lesney version)

  2. Ok. I want to point out a few things that make me say this is the best version of the Blazer yet. Matchbox modified the chassis more than just to remove the antenna base. They also made the grill more detailed and it now sits flush with the fenders. Almost all previous versions had the grill pushed back into the body. Also, this is the best part, and something I never liked about the previous versions, they modified the interior piece to fill the huge space above the wheels. So looking at it from the side, it no longer looks like the engine is missing. You can no longer look between the wheels and fender and see daylight through it. Thanks Matchbox! I’m looking forward to all subsequent versions from here on out!

  3. I honestly feel bad griping about what is otherwise a great 5-pack, but that Blazer/horse trailer combo is borderline insultingly bad. Both models are fabulous in isolation, but they don’t go together!!! The Honda Ridgeline would have been an infinitely better choice to pair with the trailer. Either that or they should’ve lowered the hitch height when they retooled the Blazer.

    Anyway, this is a cool set otherwise, and I’ll definitely be picking it up. As a side note, I had no idea the lime green F-550 pumper was actually an error…I’ve always wondered why the one I have doesn’t match the rest of the national parks vehicles I have, and I”m actually disappointed now because I wish I had the correct version!

  4. A better choice for a replacement of the Blazer (or another tow hook model) would be the Silverado without the 4×4 lift. It would be better than a Nissan Junior since it is more modern and a US based model. Remember most federal contracts are “Buy American”

    1. Or the Raptor ( I want to see it in a Border Patrol markings) Jeep Cherokee (older), Wrangler, or even the International CXT

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