The Tomica Limited Vintage November Release is here, and that means the Datsun Rally

The November batch is here. Japan Booster has it, and they sent over some photos, which are below.  But I think this one will be of the most interest:


There are certain models that just require more attention than others, and this is one.  I am sure there will be a comment or two about the overload of Datsun 510 models lately.  But overload or not, this one is significant.

Anytime Tomica Limited Vintage takes on a well-known car it is a big deal.  That went for the Super Silhouettes, and most recently the Mazda 787B.  Now we have the Datsun Rally.  We have seen versions of this from Hot Wheels, Matchbox, M2 Machines, and Tomica, but the TLV model will be on another level.  I have one coming and I can’t wait to see it in person.

So if you haven’t ordered one already – the pre-orders are on their way – you really should get one:

Tomica Limited Vintage at Japan Booster

And of course, there are plenty of others to snag too, including another C10 Skyline and Isuzu Bus.

Grab them while you can.

4 Replies to “The Tomica Limited Vintage November Release is here, and that means the Datsun Rally”

  1. No fender mirrors? No opening hood? I look forward to seeing a comparison of this with the M2, especially taking into account price and availability.

  2. Should be noted this isn’t the real-world championship winning Bluebird 510.

    Rather, this is the Bluebird 510 featured in the film “5000km to Glory”. TLV will be releasing the real-world winner in March ’18.

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